Impossible Dangers on… – The Lost Continent (1968)

The Lost Continent 1968 1
The best word to sum up Hammer Studio’s The Lost Continent is strange.  From start to finish it is a strange film being one thing when it starts and an entirely different entity when it ends.  The first half of the film finds a number of passengers on a ship with a mysterious cargo, arguing all the way and eventually headed into a hurricane.  Due to the fact that most of them are probably insane, they decide to continue on course and as you might have predicted, the worst comes to pass and they have to abandon ship.  It is not too long after when they find themselves in a land of impossible creatures both gigantic and small, a country ruled by a despot boy king whose court looks like it is made up equally between pirates and Conquistadors and an absolutely crazy priest.  As previously stated, pretty strange indeed.

The Lost Continent 1968 13Overall the film is quite entertaining, the latter half of the movie more so than the first as it is during the second part of the picture where things take a turn for the worse for the travellers from the ship.  It is also the part of the film where the creativity of the filmmakers really comes into play and essentially goes off the rails.  There is hardly another Hammer picture that comes to mind that features the sheer madness within, like a psychedelic dream come to life or something straight from the mind of Terry Gilliam.  For the most part, you have no idea what is going to happen next and the sheer unpredictability of this ‘lost continent’ keeps you glued to your seat and your eyes on the screen.

The Lost Continent 1968 24The Lost Continent is a visually stunning film and what we are witness to, again more in the latter half than not, is what keeps us interested.  Whether the battle between the giant crab and the enormous scorpion or the men and women with their balloon-wear, there is always something to keep your eyes fixated upon.  That brings us to the cast and except for the captain of the boat played by Eric Porter and Dana Gillespie’s character Sarah; you really do not care whatsoever if the rest of the crew take the big sleep.  They are thoroughly unlikeable for the most part and even by the end of the film, just because they came through the other end of something a little traumatic does not automatically make them good people.  On the flip side, you end up really liking the villains of the film because not only do you know where they stand, they are so corny and flamboyant that you cannot help but love them, especially El Supremo.  You would not want to be on the receiving end of their attentions, but they make life just a little more exciting, what with the threat of death by sea monster and all.

This film will definitely not be to everyone’s tastes as it is quite a strange beast from Hammer Studios, but it is a lot of fun, especially if you are in the mood for something a little different.

3 out of 5

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  1. Used to have it on VHS. It’s crazy, kind of like they’d pulled parts of Kaiju films, Jules Verne movies and then sprinkled in some disaster film ideas and just swirled them all together. I still like it though.

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  2. I saw this one years ago. It always felt to me like the first half of one movie was stitched together with the second half of another movie. I agree that it definitely picks up in the second half, but I just wish it hadn’t taken so long to get there.

    Oh, well, at least this movie gave me the opportunity to loudly declare “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!”

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