Beauty and Danger Collide in… – Viking Women and the Sea Serpent (1957)

Nothing says adventure like a group of beautiful Viking women out on a day trip and a giant sea serpent that comes along to ruin it all. While you could boil the entire film down to that one line in the most simplistic of ways, there is a lot more to the movie than that, such as the fact that these women are out looking for the missing men of their tribe and when disaster strikes out upon the ocean, it does so doubly as they find themselves made slaves of a mad despot and his brat of a son. Viking Women and the Sea Serpent 38So not only do the women have to find their men and possibly rescue them, they have to avoid the grasping hands and ill intentions of their new masters.

The sea serpent of this film only rears its head a couple of times, but does so in pivotal moments, more or less aiding our heroines in their quest – once at the beginning of the picture and once at the end. It looks fake of course, what with it being 1957 and directed by Roger Corman, but not terribly so and for the short amount of time it is above water, your imagination helps to flesh out the scaled beast, to make it as fearsome as it should be. viking_women_01One could argue that you should not have to do as such because film is a visual medium, but when things happen off-screen for instance, does your mind not already do so? Unlike many monster movies, the creature is not the focus of this picture, merely a plot device to move the story along. The film could have gone without the serpent and everything would have been just fine, but it made the movie just a little bit more exciting and gave it an air of mystery and danger.

Corman packs the movie full of action in-between its dramatic scenes, giving the Viking women a lot to do as they go about gaining their freedom and doing whatever it takes to free their men. Like all Roger Corman films, most of them anyways, the script could have used a little work and while the acting was decent, it too could have been better if it had that improved script to work from. The story was a simple yet effective and if there is one thing that Corman knew how to do, it was not to overstay his welcome and thus the shorter running time on this film as a result. Overall, most people tend to give this film a pretty bad rating but once you start watching it, it manages to pull you in and while some parts obviously need improvement, it entertains you thoroughly. Is it the best film you will ever watch? Not by a long shot, but there are a lot of films, even by Corman himself, that are far worse than this one.

2.5 out of 5

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