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Looks Like Someone is Expecting! – Gamera vs. Jiger (1970)

Gamera vs. Jiger is by far the silliest and most ridiculous of all the Gamera films to date as it sees the big lovable monster put through the ringer by a glorified triceratops (sort of) and even impregnated (sort of).  If Daiei was looking to see how far they could push the films into the realm of incredulity, then this was it.  Everything has a bottom, and sadly, this one reached it quite easily.  The children who star in this film are not necessarily annoying as they are a couple of the oldest ones to appear in the series, but it is hard to imagine any adult at any point in time allowing these kids to do what they do in this movie.  It would have been nice if someone had actually questioned what they were making with this film, like the director for one or anybody that worked for the studio.  The film was made for children and so it should be looked at in that respect, but it is hard to do so sometimes with the juvenile dialogue, the plot holes present and more.  If they could have made at least one Gamera film, aside from the first couple that actually featured a smarter script, perhaps this franchise could have been something else entirely.

gamera vs jiger15So on to the story that sees Jiger awakened from his slumber to which he immediately sets out to destroy things.  As luck would have it once again, Gamera happened to be close by to try and put a stop to the mayhem.  When Gamera faced Gyaos, he had a hard time of it and even harder against Viras.  When he flew across the galaxy to face Guiron, there was a good chance he would never make it back.  With every successive film, Gamera’s foes have gotten stronger and stronger, almost as if there were some sort of pattern to it.  Going up against Jiger though, is the most difficult thing Gamera has ever done and he does not make it out of the battle unscathed.

gamera vs jiger20It does make sense that over the course of the series that Gamera’s foes would become more formidable, for if it was just the same thing over and over again it would get a little stale.  Of course these movies all follow the same basic plotline anyways, thereby doing essentially the same thing repeatedly but it looks like the filmmakers at least try a little in this regard.  What is also interesting to note is that with each new foe that our hero would face, and these are movies made for a younger audience, the violence would increase with every film.  While there were no decapitations in this particular picture, Jiger does inject Gamera with its larvae so that a little baby Jiger could grow inside of Gamera’s lung.  Later on, the children of the film would take a submarine into Gamera’s body to kill said baby.  If there was one thing that this movie did not need, it was for children and adults alike to see any of this stupidity.

There is very little you can say about this film that is any good.  At least Gamera’s costume was left unchanged and Jiger’s actually looked like they tried, so that was good to see.  Jiger did have an unusually large amount of powers at its disposal and just where they can go from here in the next film will be interesting to see at the very least.  What would be ultimately satisfying is if Daiei would release at least one great Gamera film, though that possibility might never see realization.  Avoid this film if you can.

2 out of 5

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