This is a site where you can find all manner of things. There are reviews of horror films, comic books and science-fiction.  There is comedy and drama, westerns and thrillers and every genre in between.  You will find music, live and pre-recorded, ElfQuest and Marylin Monroe, Elvis Presley and Idris Elba, the Avengers, Batman, Peter Cushing, pulp covers and more.  Join us, check it out and maybe stay for a while.

The Telltale Mind is Geoff Rosengren whose interests are many and varied.

Past contributors included Rebecca Griffin’s Big Brother reviews and a look at toys courtesy of Garry Worrall.


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  1. I like your “About Me”, which describes liking stuff. Everyone likes this Idris Elba dude. I have only seen him in Pacific Rim, so have yet to like him like everyone else likes him.


  2. Thanks for following “What I Watched Last Night…” And I too like your “about,” it’s a nice, unpretentious statement of interests.


  3. Hey Telltale Mind, what is your name, anyway…so I don’t have to call you Telltale. I’m sure you know my name is Mike and I often post my writing name Michael Thomas-Knight on my blog posts when I get soemthig published. 🙂


  4. Great Site, Geoff! Nice to meet you. Thanks for the follow and I love your Poe-esque blog name. I’ll be sure to stop in often and check out your cool content.


  5. Hey Geoff, I know you saw our new announcement for Games and Books. I’d love if you could drop a post once in awhile about comic book moments as well if that interests you. You know I’m a big fan of your site and I think comics are a great read. It’s open to you if you ever have the time, my friend. Cheers!

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