Mind Capsules – All New, All Different Avengers #2 and All-New Inhumans #1

All New, All Different Avengers #2
All New, All Different Avengers #2

Writer – Mark Waid
Artist – Adam Kubert
Colours – Sonia Oback
Letters – VC’s Cory Petit

Warbinger has returned to Earth somehow, which is not an easy feat as Nova had previously thrown him into the sun. The Avengers, which are not yet calling themselves the Avengers, had confronted him in the first issue and were collectively defeated quite soundly. Thankfully, everyone made it out okay and now they need to track the Chitauran monster down before he does any real damage. After a first issue that was somewhat underwhelming, things pick up quite a bit as The Vision, Nova, Thor and Ms. Marvel join up with Iron Man, Spider-Man and Captain America to take on Warbinger. Mark Waid and Adam Kubert deliver a lot of action with this second issue and though Warbinger seemed pretty tough before (when he originally faced off against Nova), he now seems to be much stronger and much more powerful. Really nice to see with this issue is how the team that is not a team does not function like a team, showing how fresh some of the members are. Though some of them have been Avengers before, others have not and seeing that they do not automatically gel and that it may take some time before they function like a proper team is something that the Avengers group of titles does not always feature. Waid also continues to make things awkward between Nova and Ms. Marvel, a plotline that will be a lot of fun to follow as the series goes on and whether they ever smooth things over will be interesting to see. One of the more questionable choices that the series makes is its use of Warbinger as the big bad. It was nice to see that Waid and company did not go with a more established villain, but out of everyone that they could have chosen, it speaks volumes as to how far and how important the Chitauri have become in the Marvel Universe . The book reveals another small tidbit as to Iron Man’s status in the eight months that have passed, but little is still known about the missing time which hopefully, will be revealed at some point. Adam Kubert provides some really stunning artwork for the book, some of the best that he has ever produced and our heroes have never looked better. This second issue was a vast improvement over the first and after reading this issue, you now look forward to the third and the conclusion of the story.

4 out of 5

All-New Inhumans #1
All-New Inhumans #1

Writer – James Asmus, Charles Soule
Artist – Stefano Caselli, Nico Leon
Colours – Andres Mossa
Letters – VC’s Clayton Cowles

With the Terrigen cloud headed around the world, transforming people and causing chaos as it goes, someone needs to keep an eye on it which is where Crystal and her team comes in. There is also the matter of the Sky Spears which represents a very big mystery for while they enhance the powers of the Inhumans, they are an unknown factor and with one of them revealing a clue that reads genocide, they do not seem to be as innocent as they look. James Asmus returns to Marvel alongside Charles Soule to scribe the latest chapter of the Inhumans latest book and it turns out to be a good one and complimenting the Uncanny Inhumans title quite well. Where the Uncanny book focuses more on the Royal Family, this book, while still featuring a few of their number, also has a lot of the Nuhumans present as well. It has been quite a long time since Crystal has been seen in a role as prominent as this one and her time away from the spotlight has seen her grow far more confidant and far more skillful in the use of her powers. Gorgon also joins the team, partly as a mentor and trainer to the Nuhumans, but as support too, maybe not in battle, but in other ways like tactical. Gorgon’s body may not be what it once was, but his mind is still intact and Crystal realizes that he can stil be an asset. There is a new character introduced in the book named Twain and so far, though we know very little about her, she really does not seem all that intriguing, failing to strike an immediate chord with the reader. Twain also plays a prominent part in the backup tale the book sports so she must be important to the title going forward. As of yet, there is no real conflict present except between human zealots and those they do not understand, but Asmus and Soule set forth the book’s purpose and discovering what the Spears are and if the team can stop the Terrigen Cloud should be a lot of fun. With exceptional art by Stefano Caselli in the main part of the book and Nico Leon in the latter half and combining that with the writing talents previously mentioned, the All-New Inhumans looks to be in good hands.

3.5 out of 5

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