Look Out for The Hoff! – Anaconda 3: The Offspring (2008)

By all rights, you have to love the third installment of the Anaconda series because it stars The Hoff – David Hasselhoff.  Yet even with his presence in the film, it manages to be one of the worst sequels ever made for anything and sadly, there were no lifeguards or sentient cars to be seen which may or may not have saved from being the turd that it was.

anaconda-3-2The story somewhat continues off of the last movie with mention of the Blood Orchids and how they are now being used to breed giant snakes in the hopes of curing the cancer that is killing Gimli from Sliders, better known as John Rhys-Davies.  Things go wrong though and the snake escapes its prison and from that moment on, the boss man’s crew and all of their hired guns are killed one by one as the snake escapes to give birth to a new race of giant anacondas.

The special effects are abominable, probably some of the worst to be seen on the small screen, as this was a direct-to-video feature, this side of The Scorpion King.  Add to that a terrible script, atrocious acting, and just about anything else you can imagine and you will find it realized in this film.

When David Hasselhoff is your only saving grace, it either speaks to the incredible talent of the man or you know that Anaconda 3 is truly an astounding waste of film.

1 out of 5

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