Mind Capsules – Squadron Supreme #1 and Guardians of the Galaxy #3

Squadron Supreme #1
Squadron Supreme #1

Writer – James Robinson
Artist – Leonard Kirk
Inker – Paul Neary
Colours – Frank Martin
Letters – Travis Lanham

The first issue of Squadron Supreme, the first ongoing title they have garnered since their MAX title from many years ago, is a killer and for many reasons.  James Robinson and Leonard Kirk introduce us to a new team, a ragtag group made up of members from other Squadron Supremes in various realities including a Nighthawk from the aforementioned MAX universe.  All of them remember the time from before Secret Wars and more importantly, they remember their various Earths dying with one of them being destroyed by Namor.  Robinson sets our heroes on a path, a dangerous one that will see them both loved and hated due to the course that they set for themselves.  While the Avengers are usually the go-to guys when a threat makes itself known, they are almost always a reactionary force.  This new Squadron does not want to be a clean-up crew and so they have decided to be pro-active in their efforts so that the fates that befell their particular homes does not happen to their new one.  As such, their first target is Namor, for not only destroying one of their home planets, but for being an ongoing threat to the planet.  While Namor has never been the most important of Marvel’s characters, he does fill a role that few can claim to do so and at the end of this particular storyline, it is sure to generate a little controversy.  The Squadron in their very first issue already set themselves apart from all of the other teams and heroes and Robinson has the unenviable task of having them straddle that line between hero and villain.  The book is absolutely thrilling from cover to cover and Robinson does an absolutely fantastic job of it.  It is probably the most exciting book to make its debut in Marvel’s new line and it is also one that you most likely never expected to be so.  By the end of it all, it leaves you quite eagerly thinking of what is going to happen next, something few titles have been unable to do and makes you wonder exactly what happened during that eight month gap.

4.5 out of 5

Guardians of the Galaxy #3
Guardians of the Galaxy #3

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis
Artist – Valerio Schiti
Colours – Richard Isanove
Letters – VC’s Cory Petit

Hell is raining down upon Spartax and her name is Hala, the last surviving Accuser of the Kree race.  All who oppose her are cut down and there is nothing that anybody can do about it.  Death and destruction continues at the hands of Brian Michael Bendis and Valerio Schiti and it sees our heroes in for the fight of their lives, one they may not be able to overcome.  Despite all of the action going on and there is a lot of action, Bendis still manages to inject a little bit of humour courtesy of Rocket, as well as a little drama involving the helpless Peter and a little scheming from the returning Yotat, Destroyer of Destroyers.  Seeds are also being planted for the next menace the Guardians will face should they defeat Hala and it involves a race of beings that has rarely been active the last few years, but one that is always present.  Reading this, you have to wonder if Peter will keep the crown when all is said and done or if he will abdicate the throne so that he can get back out there with the rest of the crew, the place where he is most comfortable.  What is really nice to see is that with every passing issue, Bendis is getting a better handle on the Guardians and their personalities, something that failed to materialize during the previous volume.  It is still a little strange to have Venom and Ben Grimm on the team when there are still so many cosmic characters on the bench without a presence in any Marvel title.  In time it will probably seem quite ordinary to have said characters on the team, but for now it is still somewhat of an oddity.  Good story and good artwork do a good book make.

3.5 out of 5

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