Grey Matter – The Weekly Roundup! From April 24-30

The end of Puppet Master, but always more to come including things that are not movies.



Back to Basics – Puppet Master IX: Axis of Evil (2010)
Out to Save America – Puppet Master X: Axis Rising (2012)
Just an Unassuming… – Asylum (1972)
Unexpected Danger – War Arrow (1953)

Asylum (1972) – The Visuals
War Arrow (1953) – The Visuals



Issue by Issue – Skull the Slayer #4
Issue by Issue – Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth #5

Mind Capsules – Amazing Spider-Man #10 and Starve #8
Mind Capsules – Doctor Strange #7 and Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat #5



Sunday Sessions – Prince
Monday Mixin’s – Paradise’ Summer Mix 2016 (by Regard)
Song of the Day: Flume – Say It feat. Tove Lo
Song of the Day: Billy Paul – Me And Mrs. Jones
Song of the Day: SNBRN – Gangsta Walk feat. Nate Dogg
Song of the Day: PVRIS – Empty
Song of the Day: Blink 182 – Bored to Death
Song of the Day: Glades – Drive (Mt Eden Remix)
Song of the Day: Zibra – Goodbye Mondays
Saturday Soundtracks – Aladdin



Big Brother Canada Season 4 Ep.22 & 23 – Two More Down
Big Brother Canada Season 4 Ep.24 – The Pawn Bride
Big Brother Canada Season 4 Ep.25 & 26 – Double Eviction Madness



Pulptastic! – Mike Shayne 3

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