Issue by Issue – Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth #5

Kamandi #5Writer – Jack Kirby
Artist – Jack Kirby
Inker – Mike Royer
Letters – Mike Royer

Kamandi and Tuftan, son of Caesar, the king of the Tigers – have broken loose from their prison and take the fight to the Apes. Soon, the Tigers have defeated the Apes and taken Kamandi as their prisoner – again, much to the dismay of Tuftan who has come to realize that Kamandi is not like all the other humans. Jack Kirby spins a fun little web, but one that gets a little repetitive with this issue because of all the back and forth that happens between Tigers, Apes and our hero. For most of the series thus far, Kamandi has been a prisoner of one faction of animals or another and in this issue, he is a prisoner of two, both Apes and Tigers. By the end of the issue, it is good to see that it no longer is the case, but with such a large and unexplored world at his fingertips, there is no reason Jack Kirby as an author should be repeating himself so much only five issues into the series. That being said, Kirby does relate the dangers of this future time quite well, not to mention painting a fantastic picture of just how dangerous, desolate and full of destruction this era now encapsulates. Even being this far into the future, it is good to see that Kamandi is able to make a friend or two with Tuftan being the newest one. In-between those times, and sometimes during, when Kamandi finds himself a prisoner, Kirby once again manages to pack it full of action, almost as if he is trying to top everything that has come before and it is hard to say, but he just might have done so with this very issue. It will be nice though, to see Kirby move on from this one little area that our hero finds himself in and to start exploring the world at large, or at the very least, the rest of the former United States. The ending of the book was a bit of a let-down, only for the fact that it was probably supposed to be funny but it fell flat and was more ridiculous than anything else. Still, the book did give us Tuftan as a supporting cast member, for now anyways, and it was highly entertaining, so any faults that were present were outweighed by the good.

3 out of 5

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