Big Brother Canada Season 4 Ep.25 & 26 – Double Eviction Madness

bbcan25Well, we’ve made it. Double eviction week is here! And while I’m sure some of you love this week, this is definitely something I dread. I find it so stressful, and in the end, this is the week when some of my favourites tend to go home, and this week is no different. But we’ll get to that part in a bit, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

So as we know from Sunday night, Cassandra became the new HoH and nominated Nikki and the brothers for eviction. Nikki seems pretty fine with it, which is miraculous, since just about everything sends her into a tailspin. The possibility of going home though? Nope. Cool as a cucumber. The brothers, on the other hand, are freaking out a little bit. They pretend they’re cool with it, all fired up and ready to play the game, finally. This is what they came here to do! Well, I totally call bull on them, and so does Kelsey. It’s pretty obvious they’re quaking a little bit, and that bravado is a poor cover up, though bravado would be better than actively killing their own game.

They’ve now made it very clear to the rest of the house – Tim and Nikki included – that they’re determined that a Canadian will win the game, and that they’ll do anything to make sure that happens. This doesn’t sit well with Tim or Nikki. They may not be Canadian, but they’re just as entitled to the grand prize as anyone else in the house. They’ve both played the game, Tim has anyway. They’re both legitimately in the running for the title. Phil then takes it one step further by “complimenting” Tim on his strategy of aligning himself with the weakest players. As if that would endear Tim to them. Oh dude. Way to stick your foot even further down your throat. Tim is rightfully offended by the comment and calls Phil an idiot right to his face. These guys really are dumb. That they can’t see that Cassandra is brilliant at this game is beyond me. Joel too, so to say that Tim aligned himself with weak players is ridiculous. With an alliance of three intelligent players, they have a much higher chance of winning than the brothers, who aren’t aligned with anyone.

Everyone but Tim gets to play in the Veto challenge, hosted by Sarah Hanlon. In this challenge, each player has been given the equivalent of 100 chips to bet on different challenges given to them by Sarah. If they win, they have to take that punishment, but they win points. If they don’t win the offer, they still lose their chips, so they have to be careful how to place their bets. There are nine offers, and the player with the highest points at the end of the last offer wins the Veto. Some of the punishments include picking up hundreds of chips every time the Jackpot alarm goes off (which Cassandra wins), bathing with eels (which Jared wins), wearing a skunk costume (Phil), slop for the rest of the season (Joel), losing all belongings except for a small carry-on’s worth of stuff (Joel), and no shower for a week (Joel). The problem is that, besides the eel challenge, no one knows who has won each offer until the end of the game.

The last offer is a good number of points for getting a BBCan haircut. Jared hasn’t bet on a lot of stuff, so he’s still got a lot of chips left. If he wins this last offer, he’s fairly confident that he can win the challenge. Unfortunately, Samson here can’t bear to get rid of his beautiful locks (it took him two years to grow it, after all), so he doesn’t bid, and because of this, the brothers win the challenge. If he’d won this offer, he’d have won the challenge. That he couldn’t bring himself to shave his head is beyond at least a few people, including me. He’d only have to cut his hair to remain in the game for sure. I’d think it’s worth the possibility of $100 000, but apparently he doesn’t agree. Tim is completely taken aback. He doesn’t understand why Jared feels so safe, when he’ll probably be the replacement nom when the brothers inevitably take themselves off the block.

On to the lighter side of things! The house guests are surprised when they find Australian and British food set out for them, and even more surprised when they’re joined by a kangaroo and a box of British Bulldog puppies. Oh man, the cuteness! Most affected by the animals is Nikki, who just can’t get enough of them. I don’t blame her. I’d be beside myself with happiness if I was confronted by that much cuteness. The alcohol starts flowing then, and before long, Cassandra and Nikki start making out, which pleases many of the dudes in the house. What doesn’t please one of the dudes? Cassandra and Tim finish off the wine and fill the bottle with pickle juice, then tricking Jared into drinking some of it. Jared gets a little sulky then, but that doesn’t faze Cass, who is angry with him and Kelsey for not trying to win the Veto.

Speaking of Cassandra, she’s pretty spicy right now, because now she’s got to name a replacement nominee, and there are really only two choices: nominate Jared and get him out, or nominate Kelsey and get rid of Nikki. Jared finally makes a move to talk to the HoH about his fate, and it doesn’t go well for him. He tries to explain that he did actually try to win the challenge, and that he would have won if he’d cut his hair, but he just couldn’t do it. That just seems to piss Cassandra off even more, so he tries a different tactic – he tells her that he’s had her back since day one and that she needs to trust that he’ll take her to the end. Of course, she doesn’t believe this, and neither do I. She and Kelsey have always been close, but I’ve never seen closeness between her and Jared. And, as she points out to him, given the choice between her and Kelsey, he would take Kelsey to the end over her, which is absolutely true, and he doesn’t deny it. So he’s basically just sealed his own fate.

At the Veto ceremony, Cassandra sucks up to the brothers by telling everyone that she’d made a mistake by nominating them, so now she’s going to rectify her mistake by putting Jared up on the block. So now we’ve got a vote between Jared and Nikki, and I think it’s pretty clear who’s going to go to jury, though Jared won’t give up without a fight. Joel knows he’s sort of the deciding vote this time around, and Jared and Kelsey use that to their advantage, spilling all sorts of bull about how Cassandra is only using Joel as a pawn and that she’s going to the end with Nikki and Tim. Team International, they call her.

Obviously this is a giant lie, as Cassandra has told us in the DR that she wants to go to the end with Joel, but it’s enough to make him break down in tears of frustration and indecision. He distances himself from his alliance, which freaks them out a little. Without Joel, their alliance is that much weaker. Plus, they hate seeing him so upset. And the frustrating thing is that he seems to allow Jared and the brothers and Kelsey close, but it takes a while before he lets his own alliance close to him. Dude! If someone is throwing your alliance members under the bus, the correct reaction is to go to said alliance members and get their side of the story. It’ll save a lot of tears in the end. I promise. Kelsey also vows to blow Cassandra’s game up, since she knows how completely Cass is manipulating others in the house. So I guess their friendship is over.

In the end though, she turns on her man and votes Jared out. The only ones who vote to keep him are the brothers. This shocked me completely! Such an unbreakable bond, but as soon as it becomes apparent that he’s doomed, she turns her back on him and lets him be ushered out the door.

I say good riddance to Jared. I watched these two episodes with a friend, and we have very different opinions on the guy. She loves him, and I can’t stand him, so our reactions to this eviction were very different. She hated that Cass sucked up to the brothers, but I think it could be a good move for her – as long as they bought her lines. If not, she could have some more enemies in the house. Jared being gone is very satisfying to me. I just find him so arrogant and passive-aggressive. He’s never “angry” when someone does something he doesn’t want to happen; he’s always “disappointed.” And he doesn’t like it when people spread lies about him, but he clearly has no problem doing the same to others.

So that’s the end of Jared’s time in the house, but the excitement isn’t over yet! It’s time for the second eviction! This HoH challenge involves rolling what look like pool cue balls down a shuffleboard-like table toward five pins at the other end. The first person to knock all five pins down wins the challenge and becomes the next HoH. It really isn’t a competition. Nick is miles in front of everyone else and easily wins the challenge. True to their word, he and Phil nominate Tim and Nikki for eviction, which then brings us to the Veto challenge, in which the players listen to bits of great speeches made over the course of the season and have to guess who said them. The brothers can’t participate in this challenge, as it was a punishment from their last Veto challenge, but I don’t think it would’ve made much difference anyway. This is Cassandra’s challenge, and even though the brothers beg her not to use the veto, they piss her off enough with their nagging that she uses it on Tim, forcing them to nominate someone else.

This is where it gets really interesting. The brothers are so angry that Cassandra used the veto on her fellow alliance member – after pointing out that they didn’t put her up when they could have – that they decide to nominate themselves for eviction, because they’d rather go home than play with people who are so unscrupulous. OMG! I am absolutely flabbergasted by this! No one has ever nominated themselves before, as far as I know, and all because they didn’t get their way?! I don’t understand these two. Arisa gives them a chance to reconsider, and Kelsey begs them not to do it – after all, her game would be completely ruined without them – and so after that, they decide to nominate Joel instead.

It’s not shocking to see Nikki walk out the front door after a vote of 3-0. Nikki, on the other hand, is surprised that Tim didn’t vote for her to stay, and she’s visibly upset by it. She leaves the house without even saying goodbye to him. Now, I’m surprised. I’d thought it was so obvious that Tim is working with Cassandra and Joel, but maybe it hasn’t been that obvious in the house. I mean, everyone knows that Tim and Cass are inseparable, but maybe no one knew about the two of them working with Joel. I honestly have no idea.

It’ll be interesting to see how things go from here on out. I think Kelsey and the brothers need to start worrying about being the next ones out the door, as Team Cassandra will have a three-quarter chance of winning the next HoH challenge unless they split the brothers up and let Phil compete. At this point, I wonder if we should just crown Cassandra as the winner now, since she seems the best bet for the title. I think the only person who could beat her would be Tim, but even that would be a long shot. Right now, I think the only way anyone else can win would be to get rid of her before the finale. Simple as that. I can also see them splitting the brothers up, since at the end, the jury will only have 8 members instead of nine, which could spark a tie. If the brothers are split up, Team Cassandra could have some competition, as it would turn the house into a game of three on three. It’ll be interesting to see what they do next.

What did you think of these two episodes? Were you surprised to see Jared and Nikki walk out the door? And who do you think will win it all? Hit me up and tell me what you think, and we’ll see you soon!

– This article and other Big Brother-related stuff by the estimable Rebecca Griffin

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  1. Kelsey didn’t jump ship and decide to vote him out. Jared, the coward, asked her to because the brothers wouldn’t. He did not want Cassandra to be the tie-breaker vote essentially sending him out the door. God forbid! He was a childish, jealous, spiteful guy who honestly thought himself ‘the good guy who always finishes last’. Please. Good riddance to Jester Jared (he was never King Jared in my mind!).

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    • Definitely good to know. I couldn’t stand Jared, and I’m glad he’s gone. Hypocritical people drive me nuts, and he and the brothers are right up there. Good riddance indeed.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow. A few surprises eh. I was shocked by Kelsey voting out Jared too, but like comment above says, Jared didn’t want to give Cass satisfaction of tie breaker vote… plus Cass personally evicting the Lion King with the 100k mane would look way too good on her jury resume. The bros shocked me too, by almost voting for themselves to replace nominee. Cass made a brilliant betrayal, tricking bros. I agree, she’s looking like a fav to win. BB is getting intense!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That is true, that Cass would get too much power from being the one to evict Jared, but she’s still the person who nominated him, which will give her some traction when it comes to votes. The brothers are idiots. I wish they had nominated themselves. I can’t wait until they’re gone.

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