Saturday Soundtracks – Aladdin

As far as soundtracks go, Disney’s Aladdin is a perfect affair.  Whether it is the score by Alan Menkin who deservedly won an Oscar for it, or the songs themselves written by Howard Ashman and Tim Rice and performed by Bruce Adler, Brad Kane, Lea Salonga and of course, Robin Williams – you cannot go wrong.  The music not only fits the movie, but it is highly enjoyable too and it is a soundtrack which you can literally listen to at any time of the day or night and be instantly enchanted by.  If you have not seen Aladdin, which in itself should be a crime, you can still enjoy this album, but as soundtracks usually go hand in hand with a visual medium, seeing the movie is almost a must which besides, is utterly fantastic as well.  More often than not, when you think of or mention this soundtrack, the song A Whole New World comes to mind and it is with good reason as Kane and Salonga’s voices utterly mesmerize when you hear it.  Though it may be ‘the’ song that is associated with the film, Arabian Nights, Friend Like Me and Prince Ali are just as good.  Disney soundtracks are special things, cultivated to make you experience all the feels and Aladdin does just that.  It is what helped make Disney what it is today, not this particular soundtrack alone mind, but the fact that they can turn out something so magical on such a regular basis of which Aladdin has become a part.

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  1. Fantastic write up Geoff and totally agree with you, this is definitely one of my favourite Disney soundtracks. The songs range from lovely and beautiful to hysterically funny. I’m actually toying with going to see the musical in London. I usually don’t like musicals but the soundtrack to Aladdin is so special, I think it could be great!

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