Mind Capsules – Amazing Spider-Man #10 and Starve #8

Amazing Spider-Man #10
Amazing Spider-Man #10

Writer – Dan Slott
Artist – Giuseppe Camuncoli
Inker – Cam Smith
Colours – Marte Gracia
Letters – VC’s Joe Caramagna

After the beat-down that Spidey took last issue, it looked as if he might have been finished, yet as everyone knows, Peter has been knocked down before and he always manages to get up. That is the lesson that he gives Scorpio as they continue to battle in Paris and though the villain gets away, Spidey is hot on his trail, calling in reinforcements. Though the battle they fight seems one-sided, it is only because Scorpio has been planning for quite some time, factoring in everything Spidey might do and making adjustments for such an occasion. It is not as if Scorpio is stronger or smarter than Peter, he simply has had a lot of time to strategize and now that the time has come, his plans are finally seeing fruition no matter how much of a nuisance Spider-Man makes of himself. With this issue, Dan Slott gives us those classic Spider-Man moments, the ones we have seen time and time again where he fights to overcome the odds no matter the personal cost and while it has indeed been seen hundreds of times before, it never gets old as it makes you feel slightly giddy every time that it happens. One of the better aspects of this issue is the fact that while he is chasing down a lead and comes to Scorpio’s hidden lair with Anna Maria and he thinks he is at a dead end, Anna Maria has to remind him that he is not alone in his endeavors anymore as he runs a worldwide conglomerate with a vast network of professionals who can give him a hand with nearly anything he wants at any given moment. It is a revealing moment, one that shows Peter has finally grown up from that teenager who used to only have himself to rely upon to one who may not be used to it, but is now able to call upon others. Slott also gives us a little more showcasing the mystery of the man who is rounding up the various villains in return for favours, the same villains who also happen to make up the Sinister Six. So with some of Spidey’s greatest foes congregating once more, Doctor Octopus looking to reclaim his life somehow while trapped in the body of a robot and all the while with Peter still dealing with Scorpio, it looks like he is going to be one busy guy in the coming months.

4 out of 5

Starve #8
Starve #8

Writer – Brian Wood
Artist – Danijel Zezelj
Colours – Dave Stewart
Letters – Steve Wands

Things are going well for Gavin and the recent choices that he has made. His restaurant is succeeding, though there was never any doubt that it would and so much so in fact that he is willing to turn it into a profit-share so that everyone who works for him can get a piece of the pie and hopefully, propel the place to even greater success. So while Gavin reflects on this latest chapter in his life, his daughter is not doing so well. Angie, who has recently taken over for Gavin as the star of Starve and offered a very lucrative contract of her own, has been reaping the rewards that come with it and yet, was completely unprepared for the bad that always comes along with the good. Brian Wood and Danijel Zezelj continue to look at the price of fame, the gaining of it, the losing of it and the cost. More often than not, the cost is simply not worth it and yet nobody ever turns it down, always believing that they can be different, that they can handle it and lo and behold, they always come crashing down and always the worse for wear. Gavin has been through it and he never wanted it for Angie and yet, by pushing her into taking his spot, he has unwittingly caused exactly the same thing that happened to him and it is sad to see because a part of him thought that he could protect her. The artwork by Zezelj is staggeringly good and it conveys the grittiness of the world better than you think it would – the sense of hopelessness of this version of society, its desperation, yet also its resilience and ultimate dream that things can be better than they are. Gavin and Angie portray all of that to a T, like different sides to the same coin and it is fascinating to watch them on their journey as one’s career comes to an end and another begins. A truly entertaining book on many different levels.

4 out of 5

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  1. I really enjoyed The Amazing Spider-Man #10, it was such an exciting issue, and full of classic Spidey moments – especially when he put himself in harms way to save people in Paris even though he knew Scorpio would attack him. Great issue! I’ve not read Starve, but it sounds good. Great reviews!!!

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