Issue by Issue – Skull the Slayer #4

Skull the Slayer #4Writer – Steve Englehart
Artist – Sal Buscema
Inker – Mike Esposito
Colours – Don Warfield
Letters – Irv Watanabe

Skull and his companions have found themselves in ancient Egypt, or at least a reasonable facsimile of what it is supposed to be. After discovering the strange time tower and the mystery that it encompassed, ending up here was not the greatest thing to have happened to them; though as it is, none of what they have gone through has exactly been a walk in the park. They are immediately attacked, they fight and then find themselves enslaved to which Skull is more than a little angry about. As such, Skull and his friends argue quite a bit about what to do next and Steve Englehart continues from where Marv Wolfman left off by painting our protagonist as a man who is not quite the hero he seems to be. Skull is rash, brash and seems to care little except for himself. Perhaps it is due to the circumstances of his life, from the moment he entered the army to the events which took place afterwards. He has not had it easy and perhaps he thinks that he cannot trust anyone but himself which might possibly be true, but without being able to trust anyone, he is going to lead a very solitary existence. Skull’s friends, if they can be called that, are very interesting people as well who place their trust in him, something he has not asked for nor wants and when all is said and done, his actions may have just doomed them. The book takes a very intriguing turn as Skull enters the tower of time once again and he finds himself in a time of Arthurian knights, one where he not only meets Merlin, but a version of a hero that Avengers fans are sure to recognize. The artwork is solid which is to be expected as Sal Buscema graces the pages with his mighty pencils. His work is instantly recognizable and it always lends an air of excitement to the book when you realize he is the artist because you know the man can draw with the very best of them. With a great story to accompany said art, this issue takes a turn for the better and is the best of the series yet.

4 out of 5

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