Big Brother Canada Season 4 Ep.24 – The Pawn Bride

bbcan24When we join the house guests this time around, we find out that at some point before the last eviction vote, everyone (or at least some people) found out that Tim wasn’t on the block as a pawn; the brothers fully wanted him out, and when it became apparent that they weren’t going to get their way, Phil became a sulky baby. Nick might have too, but Phil is the one the show tends to focus on more when it comes to the brothers’ negative traits. I’m not sure if this is just an editing tactic or if Phil actually is the childish brother who whines when he doesn’t get his way, but it is not a good look on him. Cassandra doesn’t seem to think it suits him either as no one likes a person who sulks when he doesn’t get what he wants.

But all of that is forgotten once the HoH competition starts. Instead of the house guests playing the game, their loved ones get the chance to play for them. They have to stand around a volcano-like pit and watch rocks fall from the ceiling. Once they think 1000 rocks have fallen, they have to hit their buzzer, and the person closest to 1000 will win the game for their house guest. It’s great seeing the house guests look so excited when they lay eyes on their family members. It’s always been my favourite part about Survivor too as it tugs at the heartstrings a little.

On top of having to watch rocks fall for over an hour, they’ve also got a couple of choices to make. The first one is a choice of slop. They can choose to either make all the house guests eat slop for the rest of the week, or they themselves can be sprayed by slop. Everyone chooses the latter and are rewarded with a face full of the green stuff. Most people get off easy, but Joel’s mom seems to have the worst luck. She gets it into her eyes, which makes it more difficult to see the rocks falling. Secondly, they have to choose whether the house guests will have to use cold water all week, or whether to get sprayed with cold water themselves. Once again, they take it on themselves, which definitely impedes the vision of some of the players. Finally after over an hour and a half, Cassandra’s dad pushes his button first, followed by everyone else. It’s good to be a leader, I think, because he wins the game for Cassandra!

Afterward, she gets a moment to hug him a little, as do the rest of the house guests. Almost all of them burst out into tears when they see their loved ones; the only one who seemed a little less teary was Tim. Nick, in particular, had a strong reaction to seeing his mom. He called to her as if he was afraid she’d disappear, and then he and Phil practically ran to her for a hug. I was a little surprised by the fact that all they got with their loved ones were a few minutes to hug it out. I thought that at least Cassandra would get a little time with her dad. But I guess it’s not really doable in a game like this one. In Survivor, the loved ones don’t already know what the survivors have been up to, so they can spend time together. In this show, there would be the issue of spoilers, of the loved ones giving the house guests advice or spilling secrets that the house guests don’t know. It’d be too risky.

So the loved ones leave the house after only a few brief minutes, and life goes back to normal for the house guests. Cassandra’s got a choice to make, and it’s got to be the right one. The obvious choice is the brothers. She doesn’t want to go after her bestie Kelsey, and nominating Jared would just piss her off. Plus, the brothers tried to go after Tim, so they’ve kind of got to pay for that. Tim suggests putting them up against ultimate pawn Nikki and using the excuse that neither has been on the block before. It’s a good plan. They’ve got to get rid of the brothers before they’re separated. Though Jared is still a big threat and shouldn’t be discounted. When Cassandra asks how she should do it, both Tim and Joel tell her to just put them up, since this is Phil’s week to play, and he’s pretty crappy at competitions.

Now, the house guests have the chance to shut down the Have Not room for good. What do they have to do? Joel just needs to marry Nikki. It seems a small price to pay to keep everyone away from slop for the rest of the season. So everyone dresses up, and oddly, I think Nikki looks the worst out of everyone. The boys all have nice white suits, and Kelsey and Cassandra both have cute dresses. Nikki’s bridal gown is not hot at all. It looks like something that might have been popular in the 80s. But the wedding goes off without a hitch with Marsha the Moose officiating. And when it comes time for the kiss, Joel goes in and gives her a great big wet one—all while Nikki tries to escape those fish lips of doom. Definitely not romantic. Or hot.

Though I guess you can’t blame Nikki. She does have a lot on her mind. She knows that she’s going to be a pawn, but she’s surprisingly calm about it. I’m shocked. She flies off the handle at the smallest things, but at the thought of going up on the block? Nothing? Her only complaint is that she doesn’t want to have to do the speech or plead her case to the other house guests. Other than that, she seems cool with it. I feel like we’ve got a body snatcher situation here. Where is our crazy little Nikki? What have you done with her, Big Brother?!

She’s not the only one with things on her mind though. Cass has told everyone that Nikki will be her pawn, but no one knows who her target actually is. When Kelsey gets her aside, she tells her she should go after Tim. He’s in with everyone and if he goes to final two, he’ll win. And if they can get him out, then maybe Nikki will just self-evict, Kelsey surmises. Cassandra seems to think about it a little bit. Kelsey isn’t the first person to warn her about Tim.

The brothers use a different tactic, which is interesting. They must sense that Cassandra won’t even think about going against Tim, so they throw Jared and Kelsey under the bus instead by telling her that the twosome had been planning on nominating her and Tim had either of them made it as HoH. I have absolutely no idea if this is actually true, but I’m going to go with no. Cass doesn’t seem to believe it either.

Jared and Kelsey, once again, have a difference of opinion when it comes to game play. Kelsey wants Jared to talk to Cassandra, and Jared wants to lay low. Kelsey thinks he’s being naive, and Jared thinks she’s thinking too much. Who is right? Probably both of them. I definitely think Jared could do more, but I also think Kelsey should do less. She only gets herself into trouble that way. So they both go and talk to Cassandra, who tells them that she doesn’t trust the brothers but that she isn’t sure about putting up Nikki. Instead, she suggests that Jared go up against the brothers. Then he can definitely compete in the Veto, and even if he doesn’t win, he’ll have the votes from Tim, Joel and Kelsey. Jared does not like this plan at all. He calls it a kamikaze move, but honestly, I think it would be a great idea. Put two big threats up against each other and see who comes out on top.

This is enough to spook Jared though, who goes to Phil and insists they work together, no matter what. If they stick together, they can work to get rid of Nikki instead, which seems like the dumbest plan ever. It’s clearly a desperate ploy on Jared’s part, trying to join forces with his enemy to stay alive, but it’s not the way to play the game. Nikki is the perfect person to go to final two with, so voting her out now and keeping your direct rival is just stupid. Phil doesn’t seem to buy what Jared’s selling anyway. It looks like he’s just smiling and nodding to placate him. Good move, Phil – for once.

So, surprise, Cassandra nominates Nikki and the brothers, telling Nikki that she wants to give her the full big brother experience and telling the brothers to go out and win the Veto. I doubt she means what she says at that point. If they win the Veto, she’ll have to put up someone else, and who will that someone be? It won’t be Tim or Joel, so that leaves Kelsey and Jared. We’re getting down to the final people, so there aren’t a lot of choices left. It’ll be interesting if Phil does win the Veto, and I kind of want to see it, just to see what Cassandra would do. I’m guessing she’d put up Jared, which is kind of perfect, since everyone told her to put the brothers up against Nikki, the ultimate pawn. It would kind of be fitting for Jared to go home after advising Cassandra to put up Nikki as the pawn.

So that’s about it for the night. I have my doubts that Phil will win the Veto, and if he doesn’t, the boys can probably say goodbye to the BBCan Grand. And if he does manage to pull it off, it’ll be nice to see Jared headed out the door. Either way, it’ll be an interesting and satisfying week on Big Brother Canada.

– This article and other Big Brother-related stuff by the estimable Rebecca Griffin

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  1. The family visits are really great eh. I also thought they’d spend more time together. Good to have Cass in power though. I would have buzzed 1st too. She did right by nominating bros. I was worried for Tim though. He’s definitely not flying under the radar any more. With bros up, they could use Jared. Will they sway back to him? If they get veto it will get interesting real fast 😉 Looking forward to tonight’s episode and your next review.

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    • Sorry I haven’t been replying lately. It’s been a busy few weeks. I’m glad Cass is in power too. She’s actually the person I’m most surprised by this season. She’s a hell of a lot smarter than I originally gave her credit for. I haven’t seen tonight’s episode, as I worked tonight, but I’m looking forward to it. I don’t even know who I want to have won the veto. I also can’t believe tomorrow night is going to be a double eviction, since they lost Ramsey early. You’d think they’d have to make up for that somewhere, or they’ll end up a week short.

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      • No worries, eh 🙂 I won’t spoil what happens then. I wonder what will happen with the Jury Vote as well, now that Ramsey is out of the picture. What happens if there is a tie? Will WE get to vote for the winner?

        Liked by 1 person

      • That would be awesome if we get to vote, but my guess is that they’ll split the brothers up. Maybe. Other than that, I have no idea. Since the finale is live, it’d be difficult to let the audience vote for the winner. I guess we’ll see though. They’ve shown the house guests talking about it though, so they’ve got to be thinking about it too. I’m sure they’ve got a plan.

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