Monday Mixin's

Monday Mixin’s – Paradise’ Summer Mix 2016 (by Regard)

Sometimes all you want is a nice, light, breezy mix to listen to and Regard has provided that with his Paradise’ Summer Mix.  It definitely hits that spot and does indeed make you crave the warm Summer weather and all that comes with it.


00:00 Gamper & Dadoni – Heavy Heart (ft. Mark Wilkinson)
02:48 Arizona – Where I Wanna Be (James Carter & Levi Remix)
05:23 Glimmer Of Blooms – Take My Hand (Max Liese Remix)
08:41 Boy Kiss Girl – Let You Go (Radio Edit)
11:08 Monogem – Gone (INSTRUM Remix)
14:49 Curtis Alto ft. Max Stone – Feed Me A Line
17:36 Ferdinand Weber x Shoffy – Lonely Up Here
20:58 LYAR – Trigger (ft. Laura Luppino)
23:43 LYAR – Outta My Head (ft. Blest Jones)
27:12 JRB – Waiting For The Sun (Original Mix)
32:52 XY&O – Fahrenheit (Axero Remix)
37:37 The Writers Block – Without You
40:48 Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Pictures (FlicFlac & Bearson Remix)
44:48 B4CH – What A Day
49:05 Bergs – Slip Away (ft Sophia Koop)

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