Grey Matter – The Weekly Roundup! – From May 31-June 6

Just to make things a whole lot easier, here is everything from the week all rolled into one post:



Mind Capsules – Inferno #1 and The October Faction #7
Mind Capsules – John Carter: Warlord of Mars #7 and Hellbreak #3
Mind Capsules – Invisible Republic #3 and Infinity Gauntlet #1
Mind Capsules – Secret Wars #3 and Justice Inc. – The Avenger #1
Mind Capsules – Nailbiter #13 and The Omega Men #1
Mind Capsules – Justice League #41 and Future Imperfect #1

Issue by Issue – Rom #46
Issue by Issue – The Warlord Annual #3

A Journey Begun – Lola XOXO Volume 1



Sunday Sessions – Primavera Sound 2015
Monday Mixin’s – Indie-Rock/Alternative Compilation – June 2015
Song of the Day: Big Bang – Bang Bang Bang
Song of the Day: Altadore – Clearer
Song of the Day: RAC – Back of the Car (ft. Nate Henricks)
Song of the Day: FTSE – JOYLESS
Song of the Day: Big Bang – We Like 2 Party



Do Not Anger the… – Demon Witch Child (1975)
Retirement Sucks! – Late Phases (2014)



Guess What? Comics! – Episode 60 – Secret Wars, Convergence, Spawn, Flash



Pulptastic! – The Shadow

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