Mind Capsules – Justice League #41 and Future Imperfect #1

Justice League #41
Justice League #41

Writer – Geoff Johns
Artist – Jason Fabok
Colours – Brad Anderson

The first part of The Darkseid War is an extra-large issue that is packed full of intrigue and action and finds the League in just a bit of trouble as Darkseid’s daughter Grail makes an appearance and puts the hurt on them. Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok deliver one of the strongest issues to date in the book, if not the strongest and there is so much going on that it already feels much bigger and much better than the entirety of Convergence was. Mister Miracle takes the spotlight during the opening of the book as he breaks into Apokolips in the hopes of finding out what exactly Darkseid is doing as if the rumours that he is powering up to head back to Earth are true. What our hero should have realized was that nobody just comes into Apokolips without its master knowing about it. Meanwhile back on Earth, the League is investigating the death of a woman named Myrina Black and come to find out that every woman with that name is in serious trouble. Things escalate as we follow both storylines and Johns really knows how to hook you into the story building the tension up slowly until it is ready to explode. There are a lot of great character moments with one of the more interesting ones being just a couple of panels which saw Flash and Batman work together in trying to solve the murder. There were others involving every other member of the league and it really added some much needed humanity and grounding to this huge, larger-than-life tale. By far though, the best part of the book was the arrival of Grail who debuted in DC’s FCBD giveaway Divergence, as she completely dismantles the Justice League which leads up to the big ending. That ending also sees Mister Miracle discover something of import, perhaps the key to everything that is going on or maybe because Geoff Johns likes to keep things close, something else entirely. Fabok’s art has never looked better. Every page has an astounding amount of energy and the book simply feels electric because of his involvement. Everything in this book played out perfectly and this latest storyline is off to an excellent start.

5 out of 5

Future Imperfect #1
Future Imperfect #1

Writer – Peter David
Artist – Greg Land
Colours – Nolan Woodward

Dystopia is not a nice place to live. In fact, it seems like there are very few places that anyone would really want to inhabit in the Secret Wars universe though most especially this one as it is ruled by the Maestro, the future, evil version of the Hulk. Ruby Summers is one such person and she, along with a band of renegades, are out to put a stop to the Maestro’s reign and it is not going to be an easy thing. Future Imperfect is an incredibly fun book by Peter David and Greg Land that sees many of David’s creations over the years including the aforementioned Ruby Summers, make an appearance. The book is a great introduction to the character of the Maestro and readers will get to know him through and through by the end of the issue; how devious, how cruel and how bad a Hulk can truly get. Ruby Summers has always been a really fascinating character, the little we got to know of her in David’s X-Factor run and so it is nice to see him bring her back and have her take such a central role. If there is a place in the post Secret Wars Marvel Universe for the future daughter of Emma Frost and Scott Summers, it would be great to see. There is a curious moment in the book which suggests that the Maestro might remember the time before when he should not and hopefully that will either be explored or be chalked up to an editorial mistake. Whatever the case, the book is packed full of action and it looks amazing all thanks to the very talented Greg Land. Ruby looks great, the Maestro looks imposing and frightening and in all, the title is off to a wonderful start with Land and David on board. Future Imperfect is definitely one of the strongest ancillary titles to be found so far.

4 out of 5

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