Big Brother: The Master Manipulator‏

I don’t know about you, but I simultaneously love and hate when I can’t predict what is going to happen in a reality show. On one hand, I love all the excitement of not knowing how things are going to turn out each week, but this also drives me crazy, especially when I have to wait three more days to find out what’s going to happen next. As Audrey said in the first episode, buckle up, bitches. We’re in for a ride.

When we join the house guests again, just about everyone is celebrating the fact that Becky and Shelli won the HoH competition. The majority of the house is eager to oust Audrey, and this duo seems to be just the house guests who can pull it off. After all, pretty much everyone in the house now knows that Audrey is a manipulative liar. A few days ago, our girl told everyone that there was an all-girl alliance which included Jackie, Liz, Becky, and Vanessa, who was supposedly the leader. Then she told Vanessa about this rumour, but named Da’ as the instigator.

So of course the crap hits the fan when Vanessa brings up the issue in front of both girls. Audrey absolutely denies starting the rumour and tells Vanessa in front of Da’ that Da’ was the one who started things. This girl has balls. Da’ decides to “rally the troops” and brings in the entire alliance to bear witness to this argument. Of course, they all back Da’, but Audrey is adamant that she didn’t start the fire. (And though they didn’t show it on the show-only on the live feeds-as soon as everyone leaves the room, Audrey once again insists to Vanessa that Da’ is lying. Wow.) And thus, we have our new target.

And indeed, as soon as Shelli and Becky get together to talk game, Becky brings up the idea of backdooring Audrey. Shelli completely agrees since she’s nervous about Audrey staying in the game. After their talk, Becky goes, one by one, to Jason, Austin, James, John, and Steve and basically tells them the entire plan. So apparently everyone in the house knows what the plan is, but they’ve got to keep it secret so that it won’t be obvious to Audrey. This girl clearly couldn’t keep a secret to save her life, and her decision to tell everyone what’s up makes me question her ability to last in this game, no matter how well she does at challenges.

Unfortunately for most of the house guests, there’s a little ripple in the plan. See, since their little fallout a few days before, Clay knows that Da’ no longer trusts him or Shelli, so even though he knows that they can’t trust a word that comes out of Audrey’s mouth, he wants to save her and get rid of Da’ instead. He goes to Jeff with his plan first, and then to Shelli, and when Audrey apologizes and begs to work with them, that plan is solidified.

To his credit, Jeff doesn’t seem to buy what Audrey is selling, though he decides to work with Clay and Shelli anyway. He knows that Audrey is manipulating Clay, and she is. I don’t know how anyone could fall for her act after it’s been proven that she’s been manipulating everyone, but down he goes. And since Shelli will more or less do anything Clay tells her to do, she’s all for the idea of evicting Da’ instead. They decide to nominate her along with someone that they trust-John, for some reason-and ask him to throw the BoB challenge so that Shelli can stay HoH and Da’ will stay on the block. He, of course, isn’t happy about the idea, but he hasn’t really aligned with anyone yet, so he figures if he does this for them, then they’ll work with him in the future. (Uh, just so you know, John, unless the word “alliance” is thrown out there, there’s no guarantee they’ll actually work with you later.)

Meanwhile, Da’ knows what’s up. She isn’t surprised when Shelli nominates her (along with John; Becky nominates her pawns, Jason and Steve). She knows that she’s a target, and she is not happy. She showed everyone in the house what kind of person Audrey is, and yet she’s getting off easy. Da’ isn’t going down without a fight though. And when she wins HoH next week, she’s got three targets all lined up to go home.

The BoB looms around, and we continue on with the Ginger Fever idea. This one is called Give Me Props. There are eighteen cameras-nine for each team-set up in front of what looks like the set of a TV show, and a monitor that blinks through a list of props that each camera needs to be pointed at (shot one is a jar of gumballs, for example). Each team needs to work as one-giant two-person shirt and three-legged pants included-to set up the cameras so that each one gets a shot of the corresponding prop. The first team to get all nine shots correct will win and be taken off the block.

As usual, the teams have opposite approaches. Da’ and John decide to open all nine of their cameras and then try to line up the shots, while Steve and Jason decide to work on two at a time to figure out which camera corresponds to which screen on their monitor. And surprise, surprise while Da’ spends the entire time practically dragging John around the set, Jason and Steve win easily. They’re taken off the block, and Becky is dethroned.

So as of now, Shelli is poised to send Da’ home this week, and Becky is completely oblivious to the whole thing. She still thinks the original plan is in motion. Can Da’ win the veto and take herself off the block? Or will she be the next to go home? And who will Shelli nominate if Da’ does happen to win? We’ll find out on Wednesday!

– Rebecca

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