Issue by Issue – All-Star Squadron #49

All-Star_Squadron_Vol_1_49Writer – Roy Thomas
Penciler – Mike Harris
Inker – Vince Coletta, Tony DeZuniga
Colours – Carl Gafford
Letterer – David Cody Weiss

With this issue the villain behind the Shining Knight’s disappearance and transformation from friend to foe stands revealed as Wotan and he will do whatever it takes to defeat the All-Star Squadron and to serve his master, Hitler. Roy Thomas throws everything into this book including Dr. Fate, Dr. Occult, the Blackhawks, Winston Churchill and more and it ends up being a pretty fun ride when all is said and done. Our heroes go for broke as they battle it out and things are just not looking very good as Wotan is a formidable foe and even more so with the help of the Shining Knight. What was really good to see in the book was that Thomas still had time to introduce Dr. Occult into the story as well as give his origin story. While the team has use of the JSA’s members, it would be great to see them have a permanent member who can wield magic and Dr. Occult would fit that bill perfectly. Wotan is a great villain and something the Squadron and the book is in sore need of. Sure they battle the odd villain of the week and they have a couple that make a return appearance now and then, but they do not seem to have a real dedicated rogues gallery outside of Baron Blitzkrieg and Degaton, so any addition to that would be greatly welcomed. Eventually our heroes win out and the Shining Knight is liberated after a fierce battle and Mike Harris does a perfect job of illustrating it all. The issue does have a bit of a cliff-hanger though as the fate of Hourman is left up in the air and it does a good job of making you want to come back for more which any good story should.  This issue also heads into Crisis on Infinite Earths which should be very interesting.

3.5 out of 5

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