Mind Capsules – New Avengers #33 and Wayward #7

new avengers 33
New Avengers #33

Writer – Jonathan Hickman
Artist – Mike Deodato
Colours – Frank Martin

The Great Destroyer, Rabum Alal stands revealed in this final issue of New Avengers by Jonathan Hickman and Mike Deodato.  The seeds have been planted for quite a while now, both in this title and in Avengers World and so it is that Doom stands as the saviour of all reality.  Doom as the Destroyer maybe, but only so that all might live and while it might seem an odd choice, what better man than one who understands the cost of living?  As it stands, we see Doom rise to the occasion as his journey with the Molecule Man comes to its conclusion.  We are also privy to the Molecule Man’s origin, which now takes on a greater meaning in the whole scheme of things, something probably never imagined before in his entire existence, but brought to fruition from the mad mind of Hickman.  The origin of the Swans is revealed as well and the book goes on to tie everything up as Doom converses with Dr. Strange.  What is most interesting about this is not the fact that Doom was chosen to be the universal saviour, but how everything came about full circle.  Everything seemed like it was Doom’s idea at first to save the Earth, but in doing so, he has travelled through time a bit, gone down to the very foundations of the universe and all of reality and come back out of it with a purpose larger than he even dreamed it would be.  Dr. Strange for one, can hardly believe it and yet as they go to face the Beyonders at the same place where Thor and Hyperion fell, there is no doubt in his mind that they are doing what is needed and that if any man has a chance, it is Doom.  The book ends on a cliff-hanger as everything goes white and leads us directly into Secret Wars.  This was a fantastic issue that really gave the reader a sense of how important the stakes are but as it leads into the next big event, there is no telling what is going to happen next.  The thirty-third and final issue presents a solid end to a great series.

4.5 out of 5

Wayward #7
Wayward #7

Writer – Jim Zubb
Artist – Steve Cummings
Colours – Tamra Bonvillain

Emi is uncertain of herself.  She does not really have any idea what is happening to herself, but she does know that she kind of likes it even if it is freaking herself out.  To get the answers she needs she goes to meet up with Nokaido and Ayane and soon her new life starts, one where she finally feels whole.  Steve Cummings and Jim Zubb bring another beautiful issue of Wayward to life and it is one of the best books being put out right now bar none.  Visually it is gorgeous to behold, with wonderfully bright colours by Tamra Bonvillain which just makes it really pop off the page.  The villains of the book, many of which make an appearance are crazy to see and yet incredibly interesting in their design elements.  Of course, said villains are up to no good and there is one scene where a servant literally explodes from within as a bunch of spiders hatch right out of him that is eye-catching to say the least.  Emi is a new and intriguing character, much like Rori was when we were first introduced to her.  They have some of the same qualities, though Rori was perhaps a little more outgoing than Emi is.  While there is a lot of good drama, there is also some great monster-fighting action and we also get an answer, sort of, on where our heroine has been the past couple of issues which thankfully, is not among the dead.  Great dialogue, story and utterly captivating artwork help this book make its way to the top of the read-pile every month.

4.5 out of 5

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