Mind Capsules – Avengers #44 and Convergence #4

Avengers #44
Avengers #44

Writer – Jonathan Hickman
Artist – Stefano Caselli, Kev Walker
Colours – Frank Martin

The final issue of the Avengers hits and Jonathan Hickman, Stefano Caselli and Kev Walker bring it to an exciting ending leading straight into Secret Wars.  There is a huge revelation involving Tony Stark and this issue, for the most part is about him and the relationship he has with Captain America.  They have almost always been on opposite sides of the fence on all matters.  Steve has always been about doing what is right and Tony has always been about the bigger picture, right or wrong, whatever it takes.  They are two men that while friends, have had a rocky relationship over the years and it all comes down to this one final battle between them.  Some of the other Avengers put in an appearance, specifically when the Shi’ar fleet is destroyed by Sol’s Hammer and also during the conversation to see who will survive the planet on the escape ship when the Earth is eventually destroyed.  That particularly is an interesting conversation as they must also decide who amongst themselves is going to go with Hulk and Braddock taking themselves out of the equation, as well as Pym for being too unstable and Steve refusing to let any of them even consider Tony as a choice.  Tony might be a smart man and one who could probably help out whatever remains of the human race, but he is also a selfish one and a man that has no place in a new universe.  We also get to take a look at the other remaining universe, that which is numbered 1610 and more commonly known as the Ultimate Universe.  There, Reed Richards has come up with a plan with the help of the Cabal to help destroy the 616 universe and he is going to need Fury’s help in doing so.  There are big things going on and despite all of it, when it comes to the Avengers, the book is all about the relationships between them and that is why this issue had to focus on its two biggest guns, Steve and Tony.  Whether the world is ending or not, Tony has to pay for his crimes and Steve aims to make sure that he does.

4.5 out of 5

Convergence #4
Convergence #4

Writer – Jeff King
Artist – Stephen Segovia
Inker – Mark Farmer, Julio Ferriera, Jonathan Glapion, Rob Hunter, Jason Paz, Mark Roslan, Stephen Segovia
Colours – Aspen MLT’s John Starr, Peter Steigerwald

The battle for Skartaris begins as Deimos leads the Earth 2 heroes into the city in order to take out The Warlord and his allies.  Soon though, Deimos and his machinations become apparent and after Grayson and Telos wax philosophical, they make their way down to Skartaris as well, just in time for Deimos to unleash the true power behind it all.  The best issue of the series hits the stands as Jeff King brings in Travis Morgan, the Warlord, and his companions Tara, Machiste and Mariah to join the fray.  Whoever decided to add Skartaris, The Warlord and all of its characters into the mix have to be commended as they have been out of the spotlight for far too long.  What is also nice to see is that they look better than they have in years thanks to the fantastic pencils of Stephen Segovia.  Also great to see is that Deimos is as conniving and as evil as he ever, not to mention the rest of the characters being true to their personalities, at least from what little we are shown.  For those that keep their eyes peeled there is a Gen13 cameo and there is a mention of the Time Masters that many will notice have some familiar faces amongst them like Degaton, Hourman and Monarch.  What purpose they will play in the upcoming battles, aside from that which benefits Deimos this issue should be fairly interesting going forward.  Watching Grayson and Telos duke it out verbally was fairly intriguing as well as Dick tries to maneuver the creature into letting everyone go by not only questioning why this is all happening, but also questioning his programming and trying to get under his skin so to speak.  You can see Telos pause for a second which might be the opening that Grayson needs later on to try again, or it merely strengthened the robot’s resolve into doing what he was created to do.  King and Segovia leave the book on a great cliff-hanger which promises more action to come and questions to answer.

4 out of 5

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