Issue by Issue – Doc Savage #14 (2010, DC)

doc savage 14Writer – J.G. Jones
Artist – Qing Ping Mui
Inker – Qing Ping Mui
Colours – Tom S. Chu
Letters – Rob Leigh

The second part of Raise the Khan finds our heroes looking for a mystical amulet beneath the waves, dealing with some angry men, and wondering what a mysterious blonde has to do with it all.  This issue by J.G. Jones had a much tighter story than the previous book and was even somewhat enjoyable.  It managed to return the character to his pulp-adventure roots unlike the previous issues and you found yourself actually wondering just where this story was going, getting interested and invested.  If Jones can keep it up, he will have done a better job on the book than all the previous writers.  The artwork by Qing Ping Mui was even slightly better in some instances, reining back on some of the obscene proportions and disfigured heads that were so prominent in the last book.  It is not to say that it stopped completely, but it was not as prevalent here.  A decent issue overall, which is more than can be said for most of the series.

3 out of 5

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