Mind Capsules – Elektra #7 and Dark Gods #1

Elektra #7
Elektra #7

Writer – W. Haden Blackman
Artist – Alex Sanchez
Colours – Esther Sanz

Elektra is on the hunt for the person or people who have put a bounty on her head.  She knows the Assassin’s Guild has something to do with it, and they are sending everyone they can think of who might have a shot at stopping her.  Too bad for them she is not in the mood to put up with anyone or anything getting in her way.  Elektra’s latest solo title keeps moving forward with another exceptional story by W. Haden Blackman and some fantastic art, this go round by penciller Alex Sanchez.  The book has been non-stop action and suspense since it first started and this issue is no exception as we see Elektra beat up on multiple threats like Lady Bullseye, Sidewinder, Whiplash, Tiger Shark and Jack O’ Lantern.  Normally they would present a problem, even more so now, as they have been enhanced by the Guild with better and stronger powers thus making them more formidable.  To Elektra though, they might pose a threat to any other hero, but she has defeated them before and just because they have new powers does not mean they fight any different.  Blackman has been making Elektra herself more formidable over the course of the series and here, as in the previous issues, she is not averse to taking a hit if it means it will help her defeat her foe.  After this issue, it looks like Elektra’s quest will continue and if every single book before this is anything to go by, it is sure to be an amazing ride.

4 out of 5

Dark Gods #1
Dark Gods #1

Writer – Justin Jordan
Artist – German Erramouspe, Michael DiPascale, German Nobile

Josh Resnick thinks he is pulling the wool over the eyes of the company he works for by engaging in corporate espionage and feeding that info to the government.  But little does he know that the company knows what he is doing and so what is there to do but invite Josh to a party.  It is not any normal party though as Josh is the guest of honour, as well as being on the menu.  Avatar and Justin Jordan are on hand to create the newest horror title to hit the stands, this one about demons and evil gods, of how they were created and by the looks of it, how at least a couple of people are going to take care of that little problem.  Jordan does a good job with the book, though when it cuts away to give the history lesson on just who these gods are and where they come from, it is a little abrupt and interferes with the main story that he is trying to tell.  It by no means ruins the story, but it could have been eased in just a little bit better.  The issue does seem a little short, though it really is not, and there is one slight problem which is the lack of a set-up or something that explains what its main plot going forward might be, but so far, it looks as if some people are aware of these supernatural beings and aim to do something about it.  The various artists on the book do a great job of it, and the book contains all of those things that put Avatar on the map, so it is a mature reader’s title.  So far, Dark Gods is off to a decent start, it just needs a little more story in its pages to really make the book interesting.

3.5 out of 5

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