Mind Capsules – Sinestro #6 and Rasputin #1

Sinestro #6
Sinestro #6

Writer – Cullen Bunn
Artist – Dale Eaglesham, Martin, Coccolo
Inker – Dale Eaglesham, Scott Hanna
Colours – Jason Wright

When you crack open your book to find that it is suddenly in the middle of a crossover that you have not been reading, it is never a good thing.  All of a sudden, you are missing a large chunk of story with events pertaining to the issue you are currently reading and that is exactly what happened here as this book is already part six of the Godhead crossover running through the Green Lantern family of books.  Sure there is a little reminiscing about the fight the Corps has just been through, but it is not exactly the same thing as it will never tell you everything that just went on, only a highlight or two.  For instance, Arkillo has suddenly lost a hand and the New Gods are making their return which started in five other books previous to this one.  As it is, Sinestro decides to take the battle to this goddess whom they have already faced once.  At the moment, she is attacking the Indigo Tribe, so it presents the perfect opportunity for Sinestro and his forces to launch a surprise attack.  Cullen Bunn does his usual good job with the book even though he had a crossover foisted upon him and he manages to get in some good moments to advance at least one of his plot-threads detailing Sinestro’s displeasure with the Corps he inherited with Arkillo.  What Sinestro does is ruthless, but in a twisted way, you understand why he did what he did.  The book also continues to feature some great artwork from Dale Eaglesham which is nice to see as it lends consistency to the book, crossover or not.

3.5 out of 5

Rasputin #1
Rasputin #1

Writer – Alex Grecian
Artist – Riley Rossmo
Colours – Evan Plascencia

Rasputin knows that he is going to die.  As such, he thinks back over his life, starting with his time as a boy and the death of his father.  Back in the present, Rasputin also knows that the people he dines with are going to try and kill him.  At least they are going to try.  Alex Grecian creates a fantastic story about the historical figure, one that leans towards some more of the fantastical aspects of Rasputin’s life.  Grecian shows us the man’s childhood of which he did not have an easy time, especially with a father that was abusive – to put it lightly.  The dialogue is sparse, instead letting the visuals tell the story and Riley Rossmo does a fantastic job of it.  The panels are sparse, yet powerful as the book takes place in Siberia and the land of snow is a perfect backdrop to tell a tale so cold.  Though there is little to go on in this first issue, you can see some of the elements that Grecian is pulling into the story from the legendary figure’s history.  How this larger than life character has never had a series of his own up until this point is a mystery, but it is a good to see that at least one man sees potential in him.  This series is definitely off to a strong start and hopefully the sales on the book are good so that the creators are able to tell their story in full.

4.5 out of 5

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  1. Rasputin sounds extremely interesting. It is different and the style of it appears to be very unique.

    As for Sinestro, I understand the whole crossover problem. I’ve been lost countless times to the point where the story failed for me in the past.


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