Mind Capsules – Nailbiter #5 and Captain America #24

Nailbiter #5
Nailbiter #5

Writer – Joshua Williamson
Artist – Mike Henderson
Colours – Adam Guzowski

Eliot Carroll has been found.  He is definitely not in good shape, having been tortured and essentially left for dead, but alive he is.  Now it is up to Finch and Sheriff Crane to figure out who did this to him, what it is he found out and how it is tied to all of the other recent deaths that have occurred.  One thing they do know is that it is not the Nailbiter who is doing it, though he might be connected in some way. Finch and Crane do have a lead they can follow up on and so heading over to the Murder Store, they come upon a masked man who gets the better of them and of all the people to rush in to save them; it is none other than Edward Charles Warren, the Nailbiter.  The book does not end so much with a bang after this point, but with the start of another mystery, it is guaranteed to keep you coming back for more.  This issue also wraps up the first arc of Williamson’s latest masterpiece, and masterpiece it is being one of the best crime dramas being published at the moment.  The book is always tense, always suspenseful and always keeps you guessing just as it does the protagonists of the story.  Everyone in this book is a highly interesting character that you want to know more about, whether it is the Sheriff, the guy who runs the Murder Store, the Nailbiter or Carroll.  The characters are part of the reason you get hooked into this tale of serial killers and Williamson makes them appealing by keeping those backgrounds close to his chest, at least for the moment.  It might take fifty issues to find out just what the mystery is behind Buckaroo, Oregon, but if those fifty issues are as good as the first five then it will be worth the wait.  While our heroes have solved their first mystery, finding Carroll, there are now multiple riddles and questions they must answer if they are to get to the bottom of just what is happening around them.  Henderson’s art highlighted by Guzowski’s colours are as amazing as ever, and chilling at times when need be. If they should remain on the book for the duration of the title, it would undeniably be a good thing.  Nailbiter is one of the best new books from Image, or any publisher, and if you are not reading it, then you should be asking yourself, why not?

5 out of 5

Captain America #24
Captain America #24

Writer – Rick Remender
Artist – Carlos Pacheco, Paul Renaud
Inker – Mariano Taibo, Paul Renaud
Colours – Dean White, Sonia Oback

Arnim Zola’s invasion of New York continues and our heroes have their hands full.  Jet has broken into Zola’s tower and once there confronts him, only to find out that everything she has done up until this point was all a part of his plan.  She of course refuses to accept that.  Cap and Ian are made aware that Sharon is alive and being held in the tower while they are also told that the invasion forces are merely a distraction and the real threat is a bomb.  Thus it is that a hero will make the ultimate sacrifice.  This was an exciting issue by Remender and our team, full of action and revelations to keep the reader hooked.  Jet is turning out to be quite the interesting character and one of the better members of the supporting roster to be introduced in some time.  The book also serves as a bit of a prequel to AXIS, the upcoming Marvel event with the Red Skull putting in an appearance and who also happens to be working with Zola of course.  Due to Marvel’s publicity machine, there was one little problem with the book and that was the ending, which, while exciting, had all the air taken out of it as we know that nothing will happen to the character.  This is one time where the upcoming promotions for Marvel’s new books really worked against the story being played out in a title, specifically this one.  Aside from that, the book was a good one and it makes you want to see what will happen in the next issue, which is the last book of the current volume.

4 out of 5

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