Mind Capsules – Legendary Star-Lord #3 and The New 52 Futures End #18

Legendary Star-Lord #3
Legendary Star-Lord #3

Writer – Sam Humprhies
Artist – Paco Medina
Inker – Jaun Vlasco
Colours – David Curiel

Star-Lord is in jail.  Again.  How he keeps ending up in one prison or another, he will never know, though this particular time it might have to do with the blood bounty the Badoon have put out on him.  At least this time he has a couple of cellmates to spend time with.  But staying in jail is out of the question, so Peter devises a plan to get out, and with the help of Kitty Pryde’s hologram, the spy from Spartax and the Badoon boy, he manages to do just that.  Humprhies delivers another solid, yet light, fun and entertaining issue of Star-Lord’s ongoing title.  There really is not a whole lot to the book except pure entertainment.  One thing that does continue to run through the title is a small plot thread about the orphanage from the first issue.  Whether that will factor into the book later on in a bigger way, or whether it is simply a means to tie him back to Earth, whatever the reason, it is nice to see him come back home every now and then.  His relationship with Kitty is interesting, though how long he can keep it up, considering it is quite long-distance, is more than likely up to Bendis, but it is quite fun and they do seem to fit together quite nicely.  Medina’s pencils are as sharp as ever and with Jaun Vlasco and David Curiel’s help, the book looks absolutely fantastic.  The best thing about this book is just how much fun it turns out to be.  Like Rocket’s title, it has little to do with the main Guardians of the Galaxy book, and not having it be beholden to it, frees it up to do quick and enjoyable stories like this one.  Whatever happens next is almost sure to be great.

4 out of 5

The New 52 Futures End #18
The New 52 Futures End #18

Writer – Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen
Artist – Georges Jeanty
Inker – Dexter Vines, Karl Story
Colours – Hi-Fi

Constantine has a chat with the real Superman and tries to convince him to come out of self-imposed retirement.  Superman feels he cannot because of what he did during the war and so shuts the man down.  Meanwhile, Billy and Lois are still hanging out in the area where Rampage was defeated and when she wakes up, Stormguard is lucky enough to be there to protect them.  Cadmus Island has been completely taken over and all the Earth 2 prisoners escaped, and there is a huge surprise in the middle of the book featuring someone who is supposed to be dead.  This was another issue that seemed to really focus on what it was trying to tell without any filler or non-story.  The Superman sequence was interesting and all of these events that are usually referred to by him and others will hopefully be revealed in the book at some point or taken care of during the Futures End September event.  The Billy Batson story is still in its infancy but is sure to get better, though what the deal with Stormguard is still remains up in the air.  The issue does have one major downside to it again and that is the non-ending we were given involving Batman Beyond and his team of villains.  There was no story advancement, no plot reveals and did not leave the reader wanting more whatsoever.  It was abrupt and seemed to cut off in the middle of a scene that might have actually led to something.  The big reveal in the middle of the book would have been a better ending, but for whatever reason, this title always seems to save the big stuff for anything but the end.  It is one of the only things about this book that make it frustrating as a reader and that is to be left, almost every single week with an ending that fizzles out.  This was an otherwise good issue, with more focus than many of the issues have had of late.

3.5 out of 5

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  1. I feel like I would really enjoy the standalone stuff that Rocket does!

    As for Star-Lord, the poor guy cannot catch a break when it comes to landing himself in jail. Glad that his stuff provides a fun read! He is probably one of my least favorites when it comes to Guardian members, but he is still really cool!


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