Mind Capsules – Hack/Slash: Son of Samhain #3 and Grayson Futures End #1

HackSlashsos #3
Hack/Slash: Son of Samhain #3

Writer – Michael Moreci, Steve Seeley
Artist – Emilio Laiso
Colours – K. Michael Russell

Ocky, the child that Cassie and Delroy saved earlier on, finds out that he is the son of Samhain.  Sort of.  While it is not something that one would want to be, Cassie makes Ocky feel better by telling him about her life and how everyone has a little good in them.  Morinto, the big bad of the book is still on his quest to unite all the monster tribes and raise Attan-Soolu with a little help from the DNA of Samhain.  So while Cassie, Delroy and Ocky hunt down leads to help them stop all the evil happenings, Morinto is getting closer and closer to achieving his goal.  Moreci and Seeley deliver another solid issue of Hack/Slash this week, packed full of monsters, discoveries and drama.  Cassie is a great character, a woman who has been hurt by her past and has overcome it for the most part and now hunts monsters.  Could there be any better job?  It is quite wonderful to see Pooch make an appearance, having debuted in the original series some time ago, and to find him still quite humourous.  Morinto is also a very fascinating character, as far as monsters go, and we get to see some of his origin in the book, including the moment when he eats some of his mother’s corpse to gain her power.  While the book is not generally that scary, it has a darker vibe more akin to Army of Darkness, one laced with a bit of humour to take the edge off.  Not only written well, the book is expertly drawn by Emilio Laiso and it looks great.  The issue ends on a perfect note, making the reader definitely want to tune in for more next month.

4 out of 5

The New 52 Futures End Grayson #1
Grayson Futures End #1

Writer – Tom King, Tim Seeley
Artist – Stephen Mooney
Colours – Jeremy Cox

The book begins with the death of Dick Grayson.  Not an auspicious way to start, but as such, the issue then starts to cycle backwards through his life and what led him up until this point.  We see Dick kill the KGBeast who is now the president of the Russian Federation.  There are the moments which lead up to that, the battles and the war and the dealings with Spyral.  The book takes us through his relationship with Helena, with Batgirl, with Bruce and with his parents before it finally ends with him happy as a child.  This issue was a little unconventional and it showed the life of Dick Grayson in all of its stages.  While not too much was shown of the time period that Futures End takes place in, it was a really good issue nonetheless.  Dick’s relationship with Helena looked to have been a deep one and they truly seemed to love each other, though of course it would not matter in the end.  It is doubtful that any of these futures we are seeing in any of these books will come to pass, but if they should, we know that Grayson is on borrowed time.  For a one-shot, this book was extremely well done.

4.5 out of 5

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