Lo, There Came A… – Shark Huntress (2021)

When one woman’s mom is killed by a shark, she will stop at nothing to kill that very same shark out of the thousands that live in the ocean, that very same shark that is probably a hundred miles away enjoying a leisurely swim.

The plot of this film, which also somehow involves some environmentalists and a whole lot of filler is fairly ridiculous and probably ninety-eight percent shark-free which is incredibly sad for being a shark movie. Also making it much, much worse is the talent attached to it, the acting stiff, the script and the pace the film was set at making for a truly incredibly boring experience and again, the lack of blood or violence or horror of almost any sort until the end of it all. To be fair to the makers of this movie, the budget was obviously very small to non-existent thereby not giving them much to work with but if one is going to make a shark movie, one should have sharks in some form or another and not just a random fin swimming around through the water, especially when promising so much more than that with the poster of one’s picture.

Almost everything that could be wrong with this film was and it was a really turgid experience to sit through. The only thing that kept a person watching was the expected encounter between grieving daughter and beast of the deep and that too would never come to pass to make for a very disappointing time overall. Not even worth the effort of clicking a few buttons to stream it.

1 out of 5

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