Blood Among the Stalks – Sharks of the Corn (2021)

When one hears the words Sharks of the Corn, one cannot help but associate it with horror, most notable the film(s) where it lifted its title from, Children of the Corn which in itself was a story by Stephen King. When thinking of that, one cannot help but think that in some way, this is going to be a good movie, that it is going to overcome the impossibilities of land-based sharks that inhabit the local cornfields. Suffice it to say, this film would not do that in any way and it would end up a very terrible affair indeed.

The one thing this movie does do is live up to its title in the fact that there are sharks living in the cornfield and that they end up killing a bunch of people. The movie is then padded out with a man who is looking to bring an ancient shark god back to life and it just goes on and on and on and on. There are a few things that keep it moving along though, that being a bit of nudity to tantalize and some blood and gore, enough so that there are a couple of times where it looks surprisingly revolting. The fact that the practical effects can be so good when it comes to the brutality of certain scenes and so poor when it comes to the shark puppets that are doing the killing is a marvel in and of itself. It is frankly amazing that this movie could be so poor in some regards and yet so seemingly well done in others, it is worth watching solely for that fact.

Directed by Tim Ritter, the man crafts one of the worst movies to ever be committed to celluloid in the history of film and yet, despite all the cheese and the ridiculousness present, there is enough to make this curiosity worth a watch for those that like to torment themselves.

1 out of 5

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