Issue by Issue – Batman Eternal #3

Writer – Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, John Layman, Ray Fawkes, Tim Seeley
Artist – Jason Fabok
Colours – Brad Anderson
Letters – Taylor Esposito

This is the issue that finally sees Stephanie Brown return to the printed page at DC and even if she does not end up doing too much so far, it is the moment that fans had been clamouring for and hopefully, there are good things in store for her and for them as the title progresses. The book also sees Carmine Falcone going to war with the Penguin and Batman looks to be the only man out to stop it, which is really no different than usual. With Gordon behind bars, the police have a new commissioner who is working with Falcone and the Mayor and he is refusing to let the GCPD get involved with any of the explosions and the utter mayhem that is taking place all over the city. His new mandate instead is one which no previous commissioner has ever thought to do which is to stop not the criminals but Batman instead something that Batman is sure to take issue with. This weekly series is getting better and better with every passing issue, with the story getting stronger and the intrigue ramping up alongside the action, the creative team firing on all cylinders. If there is one weak point, it is the rehash of the GCPD out to get Bats which has been done multiple times before, but this looks like it might lead somewhere fun and hopefully, it does just that instead of repeating previous storylines. The focus being split between Batman and the GCPD is great to see and if readers are lucky, will remain as so much of the cast including Bullock and Strode are just as fascinating as the main character. One also has to factor in the Penguin and what irons he has in the fire, especially with Falcone upping his game and not to mention, any other potential villains that might show up at some point weaving a web even more tangled than is already present. This is definitely worth reading and hanging in for issue four.

4.5 out of 5

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