Song of the Day: Scarypoolparty – Home

A great song from Scarypoolparty with a great video to match that leaves things on a bit of a cliff-hanger. Definitely worth a few listens.

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  1. I love this artist! Thank you so much for promoting him!!! I love this song and hope it reaches a wide audience. He has been my latest musical obsession since I discovered him from old American Idol clips about 3 months ago. I’m more excited about this discovery than I was about Lord Huron, Will Breman, Milky Chance, First Aid Kit, and others before them. I cannot wait until we have live music again and I can see him in concert!

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  2. One day in 2019 I was watching the auditions for American Idol, really was not impressed. All of a sudden this mild mannered individual walked out for his audition. He said his name was Alejandro Aranda and said he was playing his own music piece, Outloud. I was blown away by this performance. But that wasn’t the end of the audition,he then went to the piano and again blew me away with another song of his called Cholo Love. Perry called him a music genius and later that week Stevie Nicks sent out a tweet where she wrote that she has watched the audition and he would be gracing the stages of all the world.

    Since then I have been on a journey with Scarypoolparty (Alejandro Aranda). He has taught me to enjoy all kinds of music genre I would never have thought to listen to. He is a master of composition in all types of genre. He is a master at telling a story. He is a master of the instruments that he plays, piano and guitar. At a show, he puts every bit of himself into his music. Thank you for promoting him.

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  3. Love this song and artist, so it’s always wonderful to see when others appreciate SPP as well. I love everything Alejandro does, but I know this song is particularly special because it has a lot of the elements which made so many fall in love with Alejandro/Scarypoolparty in the first place. Thanks for choosing Home as the song of the day!

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  4. After discovering Alejandro on American Idol, my world was never the same! Alejandro’s music makes you feel it, makes you want to listen to it again and again. Then there’s the beauty of his diversity. He can easily switch beat, make his original music a different one. Never heard an artist of this caliber. Never a dull moment because he has so much to offer. He has great control of his voice, writes with rawness of emotions and is able to master playing the guitar and piano. Home is just one of his arsenal of great songs! It is lovely!!!!

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  5. Alejandro Aranda aka Scarypoolparty is a prodigy who will be known forever. “Home” is a great song as is the video. Yhank you for recognizing him!

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  6. love all things Scarypoolparty! HOME, reminds me of his famous song Outloud in that it showcases his beautiful voice and his awesome guitar playing. 😍 Alejandro Aranda is truly a musical Genius and conquers all genre’s!

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