Issue by Issue – Warchild #4

Writer – Rob Liefeld, Eric Stephenson
Artist – Chap Yaep
Inker – Jonathan Sibil, Marlo Alquiza, Robert Heddon
Colours – Dan Shadian
Letters – Kurt Hathaway

Though it looked as if Sword were defeated, he is not and the battle between he and the Black Knight continues while the fate of Stone, Merlyn and Gahan literally hang in the balance. The fight is brutal with the upper hand alternating between the two opponents and when Morgana returns, it looks as if all might seem lost. The one thing the villains never counted on though, was the fact that Sword is not afraid to strike without mercy and he cuts down the newly arrived bad guys with his blade’s help so that it comes down to just himself and the man who has been haunting him throughout the years, the Black Knight. The two are evenly matched it seems no matter what the battle throws at them, but when Death itself finally intervenes, that is when the tide turns and Sword is finally able to strike. The final issue of the series, much like the rest, is quickly paced and it flies by in no time at all, thus making the book seem much shorter than it actually is. All of it takes place in the present, the past for now it seems, having given up enough secrets though in the various letter pages, it is promised that there will be further series to come down the road and that they will explore more of the characters and their world. Simply put, those further issues would never materialise for one reason or another and the planned trilogy of stories would remain unfulfilled. That in itself is a bit of a shame as it feels that the creative team had barely scratched the surface of what they could do with this book. At times it did seem rushed and that the motivations of the Black Knight were never fully explored, thus making the reader never really investing in the epic scope that Rob Liefeld and company were going for, but it looked good more often than not and it read decently enough that some enjoyment could be found out of it and the reader appreciating it for what it was. Perhaps the series might continue one day, but at the very least, it was given an ending that would satisfy should it never do so.

3 out of 5

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