Issue by Issue – Warchild #3

Writer – Rob Liefeld, Eric Stephenson
Artist – Chap Yaep
Inker – Jonathan Sibil, Danny Miki
Colours – Nathan Lumm
Letters – Kurt Hathaway

Much like the previous two issues in this series, this book features a lot of fighting, a couple of flashbacks and little else. Starring characters by the name of Sword, Stone and Merlyn, they begin the story by facing off against Morgana and a bird-like monster named Ikari and suffice it to say, things do not go well for them. From there, though they make good their escape, they end up separated due to yet another attack by some strange, yet powerful creature and finally after Sword defeats said monster with a little help from his enchanted blade, he faces off against none other than the Black Knight himself, which in the end, is no contest at all and Sword lies defeated. If there is one good thing about this book, it is that the pace is relentless, though if one were to really look at the story from the beginning to this point, it all takes place in at least a single day or less, it merely seeming like more due to there being so many enemies to face amid numerous flashbacks. This particular issue would go on to showcase two scenes of the past, one that shows the death of Sword’s mother and him subsequently being fostered by a king thanks to the Vizier and the second with Gwendolyne and the death of said king after which Sword was framed for his murder. It is interesting to see Liefeld and Stephenson go into the past of their leading man as it does provide a bit of context and background as to who he is, but the scenes always seem random and non-linear and it would have been nice just to see a straightforward sequence of the origins of the characters rather than all of the jumping around. The writing is still decent though the overall tale could still use a little meat on its bones and the artwork by Chap Yaep is mostly good except for a few shots where the characters are extremely over-muscled. Still, despite any flaws, Warchild remains a fun and quick, if curious read.

3 out of 5

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