Issue by Issue – The Gunhawks #2

Writer – Gary Friedrich
Artist – Syd Shores
Inker – Jack Abel
Letters – Denise Wohl

Reno Jones and Kid Cassidy are on the hunt for the missing Rachel, a girl abducted by the Yankees during the war and Reno means to get her back as he is in love with her. In the previous issue, Gary Friedrich who writes this tale introduced a possible source for Reno to get information from and chasing that down, he and Cassidy finally get a lead. It seems that even now, years later after the Civil War has ended, there is a plantation owner who traffics in slaves and it is there that the two men must go if they mean to find the woman they seek. Such a thing is easier said than down, but Cassidy comes up with a plan to use Reno as a prisoner and later, ends up busting him out of jail with some men to sell him as a slave to the plantation owner in order to infiltrate the grounds and see if they can discover if Rachel is indeed there, dead or alive. Friedrich writes a good story and the situation is a disturbing one, enough so that it angers the reader, but it would not be surprising if that did indeed happen all those many years ago. What is nice to see though is Reno taking charge, inspiring the men and women who are slaves to break their chains so to speak, to rise up and overthrow those who they would call master. While Kid Cassidy is a fun character, one that likes to joke around and have fun, he can be serious when the need arises like it does here in the midst of the enemy, but it is Reno that really stands out and the book is definitely better for it. Syd Shores returns as the artist for the tale and the man does a great job making the action scenes exciting and the suspenseful moments dramatic, all of it complimenting Friedrich perfectly. As it stands, the plantation would fall with Cassidy, Jones and the former slaves standing tall at the end, but Rachel would still be missing. At the very least, the two men have another lead and the book is left off with them looking to chase it down and the readers looking forward to seeing them do it.

4 out of 5

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