From the Eighth Dimension Comes… – The Killer Eye (1999)

Over the years, there was the odd time when Full Moon would miss a step and while doing so, it would never be as bad as this film – The Killer Eye, is. There was almost nothing to redeem it in the eyes of the viewer, all that is except for the titular ‘killer eye’ itself. Sure it looked cheesy and the practical effects could have been a bit stronger, but it was at the very least inventive and was not a killer doll, puppet or some other diminutive creature which was a staple of the studio. The problem with it all was everything else to ultimately make it nearly unwatchable. Nearly.

The cast was not all that great as the script was poor and their ability to sell it even worse though Jacqueline Lovell would be the best of the bunch. The story was ridiculous and seeing that giant eye floating all over the place and assaulting various ladies was distasteful to say the least. The fact that it was left on a cliff-hanger with the implication that there were little eye-babies from the eighth dimension quite possibly on the way made it even sillier, but intriguingly that if it happened, it would be strange enough to draw the audience back to see just what that might entail.

Suffice it to say, this film is one to miss, though for those who like terribly bad B movies, The Killer Eye will definitely satisfy that craving. Sometimes there are bad films and then there are pictures like this one.

1 out of 5

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