Girls, Grandma and… – Ozark Sharks (2016)

Ozark Sharks sounds like any other Syfy movie on the network, a film more than likely made only because they found a word to rhyme with shark and because why not another shark movie? It is immediately apparent that the film is probably not going to be the greatest, though some have surprised like Sharknado and Lavalantula, and it turns out it is not all that good. On the other hand, it is also not all that bad.

The film has nothing essentially going for it at first glance. The story is fairly standard when it comes to creature features, especially those that have been pumped out to the various television channels and the direct to DVD market. People go swimming, everyone is having a good time and surprise, surprise; there is something in the water and it just happens to be a shark. A whole bunch of people get killed before anyone realises that it is not a joke and said person or persons who are in the middle of it all take matters into their own hands and take care of the problem. Standard. The good thing with this movie is that while it is completely familiar and highly clichéd, it still manages to be enjoyable. Perhaps it is because the cast of unknowns, aside from Scream Queen Ashton Leigh that is, that star in the film actually have some talent between them and that the script is actually not all that awful. While both are true, the special effects are highly lacking, but the sharks for the most part remain under water and out of sight, so it rarely breaks the momentum of the picture once it gets going.  A major downside is that the sharks are not very large whatsoever.  Always go big should be the rule in these films.

In the end, while it is not a movie that one could call original in any sense, it is straightforward, direct and uncomplicated. What one sees is what they get and with the film’s title being what it is, it is pretty easy to figure out just what to expect – that being girls in bikinis, decapitated limbs and sharks.

2.5 out of 5

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  1. We’re holding out for a “Cheetahshark” movie…..these films do sometimes showcase some nice unknown talent. While I would pass on this unless I got for free,I thought you wrote a good review. Which actors were the ones that stood out for you?

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