Pulptastic! – Thrilling Mystery 2

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  1. It never fails. You’re heating up molten metal for your bullets when a golden man comes busting through your door. There’s got to be a better way!
    Obviously these guys and gals knew how to draw, but looking at these expressions part of me wonders if maybe they sometimes had trouble interpreting editorial’s requests.
    “You got a Hollywood producer type holding a redhead hostage near a flood light and he’s got a look of abrupt shock and disappointed bewilderment on his face!”
    “Um… do they mean mildly underwhelmed annoyance? I’ll just arch an eyebrow and call it a day.”
    “You got a Private Dick covering a Dragon Lady’s mouth and shooting off panel with a placid look of grim and gritty, but stoic, but intense, determination!”
    “Fffffffff here’s some underbite. Blank look and underbite and we’re done. Time to draw thirty more of these.”

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