Issue by Issue – Men of War #3

Writer – David Michelinie, Robert Kanigher
Artist – Arvell Jones, Ed Davis
Inker – Romeo Tanghal, Juan Ortiz
Colours – Jerry Serpe

After having been promoted, Ulysses Hazard – Code Name: Gravedigger, has been given his first mission and it takes him into direct confrontation with the man and the unit who disrespected him and his peers in the first issue of the series. Suffice it to say and despite the animosity between the men, Hazard is present to do a job and he means to do just that. David Michelinie continues to chronicle the adventures of the man who had to make his own fortune and he does so by taking him into enemy territory where he faces a Panzer tank, one the Allies are unable to take but need to in order to proceed with their mission. As it is, rank or not, Hazard is not given an easy time of it by his own men or that of the enemy and he faces betrayal and possible death if he is not careful. With the second feature in the book, it concludes the epic starring none other than Hans Von Hammer, better known to astute readers as Enemy Ace and it sees him facing a foe he has killed twice already. While he thinks he might be going mad with that black Bristol seemingly rising from the ashes yet again, he knows that no matter what is going through his mind, he has a job to do and he will not stop until it is complete. Robert Kanigher gives his creation a foe unlike any other and yet, Von Hammer will not be deterred. Taking to the skies, Ed Davis draws it all in a most exciting manner and Enemy Ace looks incredible as he faces off against what seems to be an immortal foe, though he knows it cannot be. When all is revealed, Kanigher reveals an ingenious plot by the Allies to take out the famed German pilot and while it ultimately did not work, it might have given a man of lesser means. Both stories made for excellent reading in this third issue of Men of War with the lead feature getting better and better with each succeeding issue. One has to wonder just where it is that Michelinie is heading with his leading man, if he will get that one big adventure/mission or if he will simply continue fighting those who see nothing but the colour of his skin. Whatever the case, the book is a good one and definitely worth seeking out.

4 out of 5

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  1. Thanks for excavating this series from the boneyard of comics history.
    I have not thought of it in decades since I originally read it off the rack. A great series that, like many, did not last long and has been mostly forgotten.

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