Monday Mixin's

Monday Mixin’s – Power Pop (2000-2017)

This is not the kind of pop one would find on the radio and that is a good thing.  Featuring cuts from Suspect Parts, Warm Soda, Lost Balloons, Exploding Hearts and more, Hong Kong Soul Radio knows where it’s at and present to the masses in one fantastic mix that will captivate and delight.


(1) Suspect Parts – Electrify Me, Honey
(2) The Tough Shits – Birds (Don’t Get Tired Of Flying)
(3) Ted Leo And The Pharmacists – Tell Balgeary, Balgury Is Dead
(4) The Barreracudas – Shampoo
(5) Future Virgins – If You Don’t Cry
(6) Marked Men – Fortune
(7) Jay Reatard – My Shadow
(8) Royal Headache – Really In Love
(9) Warm Soda – I Know The Cure
(10) Steve Adamyk Band – High Mile
(11) Title Tracks – Circle You
(12) Ariel Pink – Dedicated To Bobby Jameson
(13) Lost Ballons – Don’t Find Me
(14) Sonic Avenues – Future
(15) Wringer – Mammoth Cave Pt. II
(16) The Love Triangle – Do You Think That You’ve Found Love?
(17) All – Better Than That
(18) Exploding Hearts – I’m A Pretender
(19) The Thermals – The Sunset
(20) Needles//Pins – Back To The Bright
(21) Chain And The Gang – Experimental Music
(22) Title Tracks – Everything Little Bit Hurts
(23) Tenement – Stupid Werld

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