Monday Mixin's

Monday Mixin’s – DJ Muro Hawaiian Breaks

Classic disco and funk tracks from Hawaii by the likes of Aura, Lemuria, Vic Malo and more, curated by DJ Muro

01 Mike Lundy – Nothin Like Dat Funky Funky Music
02 Mike Lundy – The Rhythm Of Life
03 Aura – Let Me Say Dis About Dat
04 Aura – Magic Lover
05 Mel Cabang – Your Love
06 Macky Feary Band – A Million Stars
07 Al Nobriga With Island Company – My Last Disco Song
08 Audrey – Our Magical Paradise
09 Lemuria – The Lady And The Dude
10 Lemuria – Dreams
11 Loyal Garner – Sweet Bye N’ Bye
12 Haleakala – Honolulu City Lights
13 Lil Albert – My Girl Friday
14 Marvin Franklin With Kimo And The Guys – Kona Winds
15 Mix Plate – Reggae Music
16 Greenwood – Sparkle
17 Legacy – Sun Goddess
18 Lemuria – Hunk Of Heaven
19 Vic Malo – Ode To Waiaihole And Waikane Valley
20 Hal Bradbury – Call Me
21 Hal Bradbury – You Win, I Lose
22 Henry Kapono – Waiting For Your Love
23 DJ & The Spice Of Life – Blue Moon
24 The Aliis – Finale

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