Issue by Issue – Marvel-Two-In-One #28

Writer – Marv Wolfman
Artist – Ron Wilson
Inker – John Tartaglione
Colours – Irene Vartanoff
Letters – Irv Watanabe

For the moment, the Fantastic Four’s problems with Deathlok have all been solved, all but one that is for they are not able to remove the mind control device in his head put there by the villain, The Fixer. To find Reed Richards stumped on a problem is a rarity indeed and so it is that The Thing helps out his partner by taking Deathlok to England in order that a man there who has knowledge of such matters might be able to solve said problem. Bringing Alicia along with him, they run into the Sub-Mariner who has just finished going a round with the Piranha – a villain he thought defeated long ago. Lo and behold though, writer Marv Wolfman is not going to let the King of Atlantis off that easy and he is once again attacked by the Piranha, a villain he literally left for dead moments before greeting Ben and Alicia. It is here that the book really ramps up as the threat from this seemingly unkillable fish-man continues unabated beneath the waves. Soon Alicia is kidnapped, Namor is besieged by numerous foes, all of which bear the name of Piranha and Ben just goes with the tide, punching and fighting his way through the horde until he cannot do so anymore. The one thing they never counted on was Alicia being taken prisoner and that puts a damper on things, or so it looks like to the reader, for as the two heroes fight for their lives, they launch a last minute plan to rescue the damsel in distress and put an end to the bad guys once and for all. Wolfman has the characters down pat and the book definitely reflects that. The dialogue is spot on and each character, who would normally not get along with the other, manage to work together if begrudgingly so. Ron Wilson who has become the regular penciller on the book continues to get better and better with every passing issue and it is always a joy to see his work on each successive page. One has to continue to feel bad for Alicia as she almost seems like nothing more than a punching bag, always getting taken by villains or left behind by Ben when duty calls. Sure, the guy tries his best to spend some time with her and he does indeed love her, but sometimes he has to think to himself if she would be better off without him. There is a wee bit of a guest spot by Reed and Sue Richards and while Deathlok is in the book, he is still comatose, at least until he can be fixed up from The Fixer’s meddling. Altogether, this was a fun issue, especially as it saw the Thing out of his element and teaming with Namor whom one never knows what side he will be on when next he shows up.

4 out of 5

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