Issue by Issue – Freedom Fighters #6

Writer – Bob Rozakis
Artist – Ramona Fradon
Inker – Bob Smith
Colours – Liz Berube
Letters – Ben Oda

The Silver Ghost has disappeared and the Freedom Fighters are still public enemy number one in the eyes of the law courtesy of Bob Rozakis and Ramona Fradon. That does not stop the team from fighting crime though and they do so while trying to find The Silver Ghost, trying to clear their name so that they might finally stop being accused of things that they have not done. As it is, in doing all of this, they actually manage to commit a few crimes along the way as pointed out by the District Attorney who wants them behind bars. So, being on the run and hunted by the law more than ever before, Martha Roberts – this dimension’s version of Doll Man’s former girlfriend, suggests her place out in Vermont. Of course, despite trying to keep a low profile, trouble manages to find them in the form of a coven of wizards who have abducted Martha and intend to use her as a sacrifice, something Doll Man will not allow to happen if he has anything to say about it. Of course, being both the criminals they are purported to be and the heroes they actually are, there is a ton of action in the book that runs nearly cover to cover and Fradon does an outstanding job at chronicling it all. The fight against wizards and the demon named Homilus that they end up setting free is especially thrilling and it all comes down to the Human Bomb who may just be the Freedom Fighters’ best weapon against such a beast. What was most interesting was the fact that Doll Man got a bit more of the focus this issue than he normally has of late and one can easily see that he is in love with Martha, though she is not the same one he used to know on Earth-X. Also surprising is the fact that Martha loves Darrel Dane as well, though both seem impossibly obtuse about the whole situation. Also in this book, the Human Bomb who has been stuck inside of his suit for what seems like an impossibly long time due to the nature of his condition, is finally let out thanks to the efforts of Black Condor and a disc that subverts the Bomb’s powers. After all is said and done though, the Freedom Fighters still remain fugitives and Rozakis does a fine job at keeping that particular plot point going, giving the team something to strive for as well as meaning and something to differentiate themselves from other super-teams.

4 out of 5

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