On a Remote Island, the… – She Gods of Shark Reef (1958)

Chris and Jim are brothers, one good and one bad. Unbeknownst to Chris is the truth of Jim’s nature and when the two get shipwrecked upon an island inhabited by only women, that truth slowly works its way to the surface. It is not long before Chris and Jim are facing off against each other, one looking for justice and the other an escape.

She Gods of Shark Reef is an adventure film directed by the one and only Roger Corman, who does not pack it so full of action and adventure that a bit of characterization and drama cannot be mixed in as well. While the acting could have been just a little stronger from most of the cast, they do a competent job with the relationship between the brothers being the most interesting aspect of the entire film. While Corman gives the audience a number of different scenes to keep the pace up, such as swimming with sharks and a bit of murder among other things, it is knowing that Jim’s true self will soon be outed and it is the suspense and tension that go along with that, that makes the viewer hang in.

Watching this, one has to be remember that it is a Corman picture and that accordingly, there is little budget to be had and thus the reason there are no big ‘spectacle’ moments to be had. For the most part, it feels like an episode of a weekly television show more than anything else and that is not necessarily a bad thing, but despite his trying, it would have been nice to see things livened up just a little. It almost feels like Corman cheated the audience in a way as there were opportunities to do many different things, from the women to the setting and the perils of the area, but for the most part does a decent job. There were some obvious spots that would make the viewer cringe just a little and not in a good way, but overall She Gods of Shark Reef is watchable, if not even a little enjoyable at times.

2 out of 5

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