Monday Mixin's

Monday Mixin’s – Space Travelling Soundtrack

Thirteen exquisite tracks curated from Hong Kong Soul Radio make up the Space Travelling Soundtrack and it starts out with a bang by Idris Muhammad and finishes up with Celebration and Our Hearts Don’t Change.  A great bunch of tracks to get the week started off right.



(1) Idris Muhammad – Could Heaven Ever Be Like This
(2) Moses Boyd – Rye Lane Travel
(3) Miles Davis – One And One
(4) Dan Mastroianni – You & I
(5) Sleep Walker – Afloat
(6) Roy Haynes – Senyah
(7) Carlos Garnett – Mystery Of Ages
(8) Isotope 217 – Phonometrics
(9) Madlib – Soon The New Day (Instrumental)
(10) Once And Future Band – Rolando
(11) Kimiko Kasai – I Thought It Was You
(12) Sound In Action Trio – Togo
(13) Celebration – Our Hearts Don’t Change

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