Monday Mixin's

Monday Mixin’s – Tender Love Vol. 2

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, alexrainbird serves up an Indie/Folk/Pop playlist filled with songs about that one emotion that makes the world go round and life worth living – love.


0:00 In the City – Save Me Some
2:30 Titus Haug – I Will Love You Still
6:56 Andrew & Veda – About Your Eyes
9:45 Ocie Elliott – Down By The Water
12:39 Ed Patrick – So Glad (I Got You)
15:31 Olivia Frances – ‘Moon to My Sun
19:21 Keilan Creech – Roaming
23:00 Wolf and Willow – Heart On Fire
27:21 Michael Barrow & The Tourists – Born To Love
31:50 Brandin Reed- Pour Out Love
38:25 Bella Musser – One Kiss More
41:12 Upstairs Open – You Got Love
44:46 Jon Middleton- I See You
47:42 Book On Tape Worm – Brightest
50:41 Motion Coaster – Return To Love
55:57 Brave Giant – Way To Love
58:39 Sheridanway – Hope Finds Me
1:03:14 Edward & Graham – I Belong To You
1:06:38 The Singer and The Songwriter – Anywhere, Everywhere
1:10:30 My Sun and Stars – You Stole My Heart
1:11:27 Ocie Elliott – I Got You, Honey

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