Issue by Issue – Jemm, Son of Saturn #10

Writer – Greg Potter
Artist – Gene Colan
Inker – Bob McLeod
Colours – Tom Ziuko
Letters – John Costanza

At the moment, Jemm is in a very precarious position, both literally and figuratively. His people have tied him up, ready for execution and all of it for a perceived treason against them. He is not sure what bothers him more as he fades in and out of consciousness – the fact that he is about to die or that his people think him a traitor and have seemingly given up on him. As of this point, it looks to be as if Greg Potter has finally brought Jemm down as low as he can go and even then, when all but a couple have given up on Jemm, he still paints a picture of hope and it is then that Jemm decides to fight back. Altogether, this issue is about coming back from the edge when it feels like everything is lost, not only for Jemm, but for Bouncer as well who has travelled a long and bumpy road himself over the years. No more does Bouncer want to hurt anyone, he simply wants to live his life and maybe make a couple of friends along the way and by the end of the issue, he half-realizes that things are not exactly as black and white as they may seem. Be that as it may, Bouncer is willing to do what it takes, even if he does not like what it might be. Politics enter the picture again with Jemm’s cousin Jogarr who is upset over the loss of Red Saturnian lives and while he blames Jemm, he also blames himself. If Jemm had never been brought to New Bhok or if Jogarr had kept a tighter rein on his cousin, perhaps Synn and her forces would never have found them. What is most interesting by this point is that the friendship between Luther and Jemm has only strengthened over time, though Luther still plays essentially a background role to everybody else. His role is not necessarily that of Jemm’s conscience, but that motivating factor, that personification of hope that Jemm needs to keep going and when it comes down to it, Jemm will do whatever he can to protect his friend and the same goes for Luther. How this all plays out in the end when the series wraps up remains to be seen because Luther has his own family back on Earth while Jemm has his and one cannot see the two of them staying together indefinitely. A great story highlighted by Gene Colan’s phenomenal artwork makes this a book worth reading, especially as it continues to ramp up the excitement towards the finale in two issue’s time.

4 out of 5

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