Monday Mixin's

Monday Mixin’s – Alive | Chill Mix

With the new year comes a new chill mix courtesy of ChilloutDeer featuring songs from Oscuro, Whitewildbear, Ennja, Pensees and more. A perfect set of tracks to start the week off right.


00:00 Outlier – I Wish I Knew
03:42 Vesky – Regret
06:54 Menual – Impulse (Riversilvers Remix)
11:01 Oscuro – Falling Further
14:28 Alivvve – Nothing
17:54 Whitewildbear – Fine
22:23 Whitewildbear – Broken
25:22 Blackbird – Snow Flakes
29:23 Ennja – Mirrors
35:50 Fyze – Fading
41:48 Pensees – Murky
46:38 AK – Euphoria
50:07 Myst, Raiku, Weroh K, Pensive – Klexos
54:20 Blut Own x Blure – Interval
58:30 SLGLX – Love Story

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