Nothing Can Stop the… – Mega Piranha (2010)

Mega Piranha is one of the few movies produced by The Asylum done right. It is over-the-top, crazy and exciting and features giant piranhas that are out to eat everything in their way and that is exactly what they do. People are not a challenge being as soft and as squishy as they are, and yet neither are boats or submarines or battleships or anything else. The fish in this movie are hungry and worst of all, they begin to migrate which does not bode well for anyone or anything that might stand in their path. It is up to pop-singer Tiffany and company to put a stop to the monsters and even then, it might not be enough.

This movie is, by all accounts, ridiculous and yet it works on every level. From the special effects to the acting and everything in-between, there is so much cheese to be had that one almost feels overwhelmed by it all and yet, how could anyone not love this? During the first half of the picture there is a lot of silliness to be had, but the further it gets along, the funnier and more absurd it becomes. There comes a point where a river is bombed by a battleship in the hopes of wiping out the vermin and it seems to work, but it of course is far too good to be true and the fish attack the boat – a steel behemoth that could probably weather almost anything in the world. Being a monster movie with the focus squarely on them, fall to the piranhas it does and the overacting by Tiffany and actor Paul Logan is priceless – fake tears and all. Just when it seems that writer-director Eric Forsberg will not be able to top that moment, he does just that and the rest of the movie plays out even better than what came before.

There are moments when the CGI is not as good as it could be, but it is extremely easy to overlook in lieu of the entertainment factor, the movie being far more enjoyable than it has any right to be. At times, the piranhas look great and during others quite fake, but all in all, they convey what is needed, not so much horror as the threat they represent. In the end, they become their own greatest enemy, but that is only after everything else in the book has been thrown at them, with the exception of a nuclear strike.

If one had to sum this movie up in a single word, it would be surprising because of just how much fun managed to be. Despite its budget and it being no more than a B film, it turned out to be a rollicking good time and easily one of the best pictures The Asylum has ever done – a film that one could go back and watch on more than one occasion.

3 out of 5

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