Monday Mixin's

Monday Mixin’s – Starfunkel: A Mixtape from Taiwan

The world is a big and beautiful place with incredible music gracing its every corner and Starfunkel does a great job of bringing that to the masses. This latest mix comes from Taiwan and it is as good as anything one would find on the airwaves today.


0:26 方晴 Fan Qing – 氣壞了 Angry
3:25 劉福助 Liu Fu Zhu – 《侷不通博》
6:36 劉冠霖 Liu Guan Lin – Fire
8:46 蔡咪咪 與 五花瓣 Mimi Cai and the Five Petals – 迷你姑娘 Be-Bop-A-Lula
11:16 田路路 Tian Lu Lu – *Title Unknown*
13:49 李珮菁 Lee Pei Jing – 第十號姑娘 No. 10 Girl
17:22 崔苔菁 Cui Tai Jing – 夢摘星
19:21 駱豔麗 Luo Yan Li – 午夜香吻
22:40 陳瓊美 Chen Qiong Mei – 美丽的女郞
26:09 藍心湄 Lan Xin Mei – 二十歲的浪漫 Two Year Old Romance
29:31 鄒娟娟 Zou Juan Juan – 展翅飛翔飛翔 Wings Fly Fly
33:40 比莉 Billie – 麼都不必說 Do Not Have To Say Anything
37:25 藍心湄 Lan Xin Mei – 闖 Chuang
41:07 歐陽菲菲 Auyang Fei Fei – 熱情的沙漠
44:45 恬妞 Tian Niu – 等你在雨中
48:58 費玉清 Fei Yu Qing – 太陽 Cold Sun

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