Monday Mixin's

Monday Mixin’s – Revelation

With tracks by Ayush, Poolz, Aulence, Downcall and more, Revelation is a chill mix featuring some of the best artists the genre has to currently offer.  It also happens to be a great listen.


00:00 Eternall & Blure – Approaching Farewell
05:40 smokefishe – all a day to remember
09:24 Michael FK – End Time Delusion
14:32 Ayush – Chasm
20:06 Poolz – Lozette et Nieu
24:38 Michael FK – Petrichor
29:22 smokefishe – sorry for lying
35:08 Ayush – Rue
39:30 Aulence – Ard
44:38 Michael FK & Jellis – I Love You
49:22 Neutrin05 – Crossing Over
52:56 Downcall – Echoes
56:00 Flüidd & Xandra – Without You

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